What are Snapchat Tokens?
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SOCIAL media platforms are incorporating new features for influencers to make money.

Snapchat is following other platforms on this front.

Snapchat incorporates Snap Tokens into its application for users


Snapchat incorporates Snap Tokens into its application for users

What are Snapchat Tokens?

Snap Tokens enable users to tip their favorite influencers via the chat feature.

Users have the ability to purchase Tokens and then buy gifts.

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Gifts can be sent to creators by replying to their public stories.

Creators can cash out upon accumulating over $100 worth of gifts.

The incorporation of this feature is Snapchat’s latest push toward influencer monetization.

How do you use Snapchat Tokens?

Snap Tokens can be used to gift creators, as well as be redeemed by users from digital assets within games.

Here’s how to gift creators:

  • Swipe up on a creator’s public story.
  • To access the gift shop, select ‘gifts.’
  • Pick your desired gift and press ‘send gift.’

Here’s how to redeem Snap Tokens within games:

  • Select an item within the game you would like to redeem Tokens for.
  • Select ‘confirm’ to complete.

You can check how many Tokens you have available via your Token balance.

The Snapchat button on a smartphone


The Snapchat button on a smartphone

How do you buy Snapchat Tokens?

Tokens can be purchased within the application’s Token Shop.

Here’s how to purchase Snap Tokens:

  • Select the profile icon on your screen.
  • Scroll until you find ‘My Snap Tokens.’
  • Select your desired amount of Snap Tokens to purchase.
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According to Snapchat, Tokens may not be redeemable in certain games and each user’s experience with Snap Tokens may vary from game to game.

Snap Tokens are not cash equivalent and the feature is being implemented across IOS and Android devices.

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