What does GYAT mean on TikTok?
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THE NEW slang abbreviation, GYAT, has gone viral on TikTok among Gen Z users.

It is among a growing trend of new slang that can leave even the most faithful TikTok users perplexed.

The slang term GYAT has gone viral on TikTok


The slang term GYAT has gone viral on TikTok

What is GYAT?

The abbreviation, GYAT, has cropped up as text in TikTok videos, video captions, and by followers in the comment sections.

Making it more difficult to understand the new phrase is the fact that there are more than one ways GYAT is being spelled including, GYATT, GYATTT, GYAAAT, and GYAATT.

A quick search on Acronym Finder says that GYAT stands for: Get Your Act Together.

GYAT was generally used to tell someone they’re behaving inappropriately or telling them to behave in a better manner.

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However, GYAT has expanded on TikTok, as a way to show appreciation for women with curvy figures.

The abbreviation has also been added to the Urban Dictionary which defines GYAT as a shortened abbreviation for “godd**n.”

How did GYAT start?

There is uncertainty about where GYAT first originated but appears to have been popularized by YouTuber and Twitch streamer, YourRAGE.

The user has added the GYAT caption to videos in appreciation of women, but users have responded by saying they hope the slang remains hidden from women.

TikTok videos of men looking appreciatively at curvy women are being displayed with the GYAT caption, and one user said, “Once females know what “GYAAAT” means it is over for the boys.”

What videos are being posted with the GYAT caption?

TikTok users are posting videos showing men looking at women in appreciation and in one comedic post, a woman walks past a window and a man walks toward her in admiration.

The caption accompanying the post says, “did that window just say GYAT?”

Despite the attempts to keep GYAT as a hidden slang word, women have adopted the caption alongside videos of themselves.

In one TikTok video, a woman shows herself with the embedded caption “Every time I look in the mirror,” and the video captioned, “GYAT.”

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