What does POV mean on TikTok?
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TIKTOK throws out all sorts of phrases and abbreviations – and it can be hard to keep up with them all.

One you may have seen lately is POV.

There have been quite a few POV videos popping up recently


There have been quite a few POV videos popping up recentlyCredit: Reuters

Here we explain what it actually means.

What does POV mean on TikTok?

POV has appeared in TikTok comments and hashtags quite a bit recently.

This particular term is an acronym.

And it’s one that’s existed long before TikTok and the internet.

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The meaning is Point Of View.

Who started the POV trend on TikTok?

It’s not entirely clear who first started the POV trend on TikTok.

But it’s been going around for years as a way of showing a situation that unfolds in real-time from someone’s point of view (POV).

How do you use POV on TikTok?

The POV trend is pretty versatile but the idea is to show something unfold from your perspective – or seemingly at least.

So record your short scenario then add a POV caption on top.

Search “POVs on TikTok” for some inspiration.

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