What is 'body doubling' on TikTok?
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THERE are many hacks and trends that have gone viral on TikTok.

The latest trend many are trying on TikTok is called body doubling.

One person washes dishes while someone else watches practicing the act of body doubling on TikTok


One person washes dishes while someone else watches practicing the act of body doubling on TikTokCredit: TikTok

What is ‘body doubling’ on TikTok?

Body doubling has began to circulate on TikTok to help users in being more productive.

In order to practice body doubling users need to be in the presence of another “body” in order to be held accountable for the task at hand.

Some reports say that body doubling is a technique that helps some who have Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Body doubling can be practiced in-person or through a virtual platform.

One option for body doubling if someone is not around physically is to hold a Zoom meeting in which someone else is virtually present.

The idea is that as long as you are not alone and someone can be present in some way it will help you be more productive.

As more people work from home since the Covid pandemic, some can become easily distracted without the presence of coworkers.

What are people saying about body doubling?

Although the idea of body doubling has been around before TikTok, the practice has since gained popularity on the app.

Even people on other apps like Twitter are talking about body doubling.

Body doubling may not help everyone as the idea of someone watching them work can spike anxiety.

One user wrote: “Not all ADHD coping mechanisms work for everyone. For ex, I hate body doubling. It makes me anxious, demotivated, careless, and distracted. If I feel like someone is watching me while I work, my brain think’s it’s either being judged, or not responsible for sloppy work.”

Anna Pugh, the co-founder of a body doubling and monotasking website Spacetime Monotasking spoke to CNET about the practice.

Body doubling can be practiced by working in the presence of someone else to help keep you accountable and on-task


Body doubling can be practiced by working in the presence of someone else to help keep you accountable and on-taskCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“Part of the power is in seeing other people doing all sorts of various tasks and allowing it to be normalized — that the everyday ins and outs are not glamorous,” Pugh told the outlet.

“We have this storytelling that we’re trudging through, doing all of these things that nobody else has to do, but [body doubling] helps to dissolve this illusion of separateness.”

Can you socialize during body doubling?

Although it may be tempting to chit chat with those around you when you are working, it is counterproductive to the practice.

When one is body doubling the main goal is stay on task and be held accountable on your productivity.

It is encouraged if you are on a Zoom session and body doubling for everyone to remain on mute so there is limited audio distraction.

“We get people who try it out who’d never come back, because maybe it’s not for them or it’s also really hard to do – that’s the thing that a lot of people don’t understand, is that it’s hard work to show up and to stay with something,” said Pugh.

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