What is the TikTok wallpaper trend and how can I do it?
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THIS TIKTOK trend allows users to really get creative.

Bring life to your pictures on TikTok through artificial intelligence.

AI wallpaper generated via Dream by Wombo


AI wallpaper generated via Dream by Wombo

What is the TikTok wallpaper trend?

Through an external app called Dream by Wombo, TikTok users can transform their pictures into beautiful artwork for their phone’s wallpaper.

TikTok users have created wallpapers from pictures of themselves, their pets, and even their favorite celebrities.

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Dream’s AI system also enables people to create artwork by typing in a prompt on their platform.

Similarly, in January 2022, TikTok users were turning their favorite pictures into planets via an app called PicsArt.

How can I create a TikTok wallpaper?

Here are the steps to create wallpapers via Dream by Wombo:

  • Users will first need to download Dream by Wombo on their smartphone.
  • Next, type in a prompt or choose an art style.
  • Users can then input an image or use one of the platform’s images.
  • Users can also adjust the size of the image to their liking.
  • Select ‘Create’ and save your wallpaper.

Art styles include psychedelic, surreal, fantasy, baroque, etching, moonwalker, blacklight, and many more.

More artwork created by Dream by Wombo


More artwork created by Dream by Wombo

How can I use my wallpaper on TikTok?

To show off your new wallpaper on TikTok, you will first need to have the image saved on your IOS or Android device.

If you want to share a video of your wallpaper, take a short screen recording of it and save it to your device.

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You can then upload your wallpaper to TikTok and see if anyone can guess what the original image was.

Many people have used their newly created art as their phone’s wallpaper.

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