Who is YouTuber Ice Poseidon?
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CONTROVERSIAL YouTuber Ice Poseidon rose to fame on Twitch but was ultimately banned a few years later.

Now, fans want to know more about him and why he was banned from the streaming site for good.

Paul Denino is a popular YouTuber


Paul Denino is a popular YouTuberCredit: Instagram / Ice Poseidon

Who is YouTuber Ice Poseidon?

Paul Denino is a popular internet personality and live streamer who goes by the name Ice Poseidon.

He first joined YouTube in 2013 and later became a household name after his IRL streams went viral on Twitch.

Denino now boasts a following of over 729,000 subscribers on YouTube and has over 87 million views on his videos.

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When Denino is not streaming, he can often be found posting about his life on Instagram to over 48,000 followers.

How old is Ice Poseidon?

Denino was born on September 29, 1994, in Palm Beach, Florida.

As of this writing, he is 27 years old.

Why was Ice Poseidon banned from Twitch?

Denino’s Twitch presence was part of the reason he became so popular, which is why fans were shocked in 2017 after he was permanently banned from the site.

Those searching for his Twitch page are now greeted with a message that reads: “This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Ice Poseidon was banned from Twitch in 2017


Ice Poseidon was banned from Twitch in 2017Credit: Instagram / Ice Poseidon

The reason why Denino was banned stems from a 2017 swatting incident, which ended with the streamer getting pulled off a plane by police after it made an unexpected landing in Phoenix.

While waiting for the plane, Denino revealed his gate number, and a troll quickly called authorities to falsely claim he was carrying a bomb, according to Dexerto.

“Getting pulled off the plane in front of 200 people… these people think I’m a f****ing terrorist or something now,” he explained after the incident.

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At the time, the event made national headlines which is what led to his ban.

However, shortly after, he switched his streaming over to YouTube to continue his career.

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