Your TV settings are wrong – there's a simple change you need to make to instantly fix it for a better picture
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YOU can instantly boost your television’s picture quality with just one quick fix – here’s how.

If you have never touched your television’s picture settings, then you may be depriving yourself of an enhanced visual experience.

You can instantly boost your television's picture quality with just one quick fix – here's how.


You can instantly boost your television’s picture quality with just one quick fix – here’s how.Credit: Getty

Typically, a TV fresh out of the box is programmed with default settings that don’t always deliver the most optimal performance.

As such, users need to play around with their TV’s internal settings to obtain the best picture quality.

These settings let you make adjustments that personalize your viewing and gaming experience, from the screen’s brightness levels to the sharpness of the picture.

Arguably, one of the most important settings is ‘Picture Mode’.

What is ‘Picture Mode’?

Nearly all TVs come equipped with a ‘Picture Mode’ setting.

This tool basically adjusts many image settings on your TV at once to alter the overall “look” of the picture.

These image settings include color temperature, backlight, motion interpolation, gamma/contrast enhancers, and edge enhancement.

If you’ve never touched ‘Picture Mode’, then your TV is probably in ‘Standard’, which is the least correct in terms of picture accuracy.

Other selections in ‘Picture Mode’ are Vivid, Dynamic, Bright, Sport, and Movie – please note these titles will vary on every TV.

Which ‘Picture Mode’ setting is the best?

The ‘Picture Mode’ setting you like best will depend on your personal preference.

However, the general rule is that ‘Cinema’ or ‘Movie’ mode is going to make the TV’s image look the most “accurate.”

This means that the image will closely approach what the director or content producer intended, per CNET.

Sports, Dynamic or Vivid, on the other hand, make the image look more saturated, or contrasted.

At first glance, this may make your TV’s image appear better, but it can sometimes have the opposite effect.

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If you’re unsure about which setting to choose, you can sift through them all to figure out which one you prefer best.

In general, most experts will recommend ‘Movie’ mode.

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