You're cleaning your TV wrong – CHEAP methods will avoid damage and leave it sparkling
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YOUR screen has your attention for hours a day – you should clean it properly.

Check out these tips for getting your TV squeaky clean.

Use minimal pressure to clean your TV


Use minimal pressure to clean your TVCredit: Getty Images – Getty

To start, turn off your TV – it’s safe to have the TV plugged in, but once the screen is off you’ll be able to see the state of cleanliness or dirtiness you’re working with.

You’ll need a microfiber cloth – these are the ultra soft cloths are normally sold with a pair of sunglasses.

You can order a pack of microfiber cloths on Amazon for cheap – just $7 for a six pack.

Use the microfiber cloth to gently dust the surface and edges of your screen.

Very small amounts of distilled water are safe to apply to a flatscreen.

ZDNet notes distilled water “has had the impurities and minerals that exist in most locations’ tap water removed, prevents any haze or residue from lingering on your display after cleaning.”

Lightly dampen your microfiber cloth – a new one, not the one you used for the dry run – and apply it to your screen using minimal pressure.

Do not use additional cleaning chemicals.

For spots that just won’t clean, add a drop – literally, one drop – of dish soap to your water supply.

Note that if water is pouring down your screen, you’ve used far too much.

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Remember, TV screens are more delicate than phone screens, which are built to be tapped and sense pressure.

Periodically clean your TV to keep it in good condition for years of use or a later resale.

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