You're using your toaster WRONG – four most common mistakes revealed
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TOAST is a quick breakfast staple but many of us could be getting it wrong.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest mistakes people make with their toaster.

It's time to get your toast right


It’s time to get your toast rightCredit: Getty

Not emptying the crumb tray

It’s easy to forget that toasters have a crumb tray at the bottom.

Be sure to empty it and give a good clean once in a while.

If you allow crumbs to build up too high over years, it could present a fire risk.

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Not only that, it’s not very hygienic leaving crumbs around for ages.

Neglecting the settings

If you want to get your toast right – and avoid burning it – you really should dabble with the settings.

Whether it’s for different types of bread or if you need to defrost a frozen slice, take a look at them and don’t be afraid to experiment a bit to find your perfect match.

Forgetting the extra lift lever

Don’t struggle trying to get your toast out.

Most toaster levers can be lifted slightly so you can reach the goods.

Give it a go next time – and most certainly do not try prizing it out with a knife.

Putting bagels in the wrong way

Bagel lovers watch out, as you might be putting them into your toaster backwards.

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You need to place your bagel with the slices facing inwards.

The wires in the middle of your toaster will get hotter, meaning the outside of the bagel can stay chewier but the inside can be nicely browned.

Remember these tips for perfect toast


Remember these tips for perfect toastCredit: Getty

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