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The Fully Functional Distraction-Free Rotary Cellphone By Justine Haupt

Merging parts from vintage trimline telephones with 3D-printed casings, Astronomy Instrument Engineer from New York’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, Justine Haupt, pioneers the first-ever distraction-free rotary cellphone.

Combining microctronollers with adafruit fona 3G cell transceivers, the rotary cellphone offers exceptional reception with a prolonged battery-life expectancy and features caller ID functions in the form of a low-energy e-ink display and an LED barograph.

Alongside the novelty of a tactile dialing experience, the distraction-free phone is equipped with designated speed-dial buttons for emergencies, and a sliding power switch for an added sense of convenience.

While Justine acknowledges the cellphone’s tiresome limitations, she hopes her design will prove to be satisfying to use and impressively functional, amidst an era of pervasive touchscreen devices.

Source: Lifestyle – LUXUO

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