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March 26, 2020

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AVIRA, Civil Association of Life and Retirement Insurers of the Argentine Republic , chamber that brings together 44 of the most important companies in the sector, in the serious context generated by this exceptional situation of pandemic and Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation, wishes to transmit tranquility to the insured, to the personnel of the respective companies, to the national authorities and to the community in general.

“The sector is in a position to operate remotely, which guarantees the service and its operation, even in this complex situation” – says Mauricio Zanatta, president of AVIRA. And he clarifies that “although the products offered by the companies that make up AVIRA include different types of coverage, the vast majority do not exclude COVID19. Therefore, the insured who are affected by it will have the contracted benefits ”.

As already mentioned, in terms of day-to-day operations, companies are absolutely prepared to carry it out online in its entirety, whether it is receiving complaints, new coverage subscriptions or processing benefits. Regarding collections, the level of bank penetration is almost total. During the emergency, for any questions, queries, or information required by the insured,
recommends contacting insurers through different digital channels: websites, emails or social networks.

Likewise, all the necessary precautions have been taken so that the personnel are carrying out their tasks in a protected manner in their homes, helping to guarantee the continuity of operations. The objective of this industry is to care for and preserve each and every job.

In addition, constant contact is maintained with regulatory authorities, providing all the collaboration they request and bringing initiatives that can add up to this difficult scenario, such as actuarial calculations and projections of the impact of the pandemic and its progress, through predictive analysis based on the application of intelligence. artificial.

Finally, we are attentive and alert to the evolution of the situation in order to take all the necessary measures to maintain the service at the high level that our policyholders deserve. “From AVIRA we urge the population to be rigorous in maintaining their quarantines. The safety of all depends on the responsible conduct of each one. For this reason, as an industry that cares for people, we are very emphatic in #quedateencasa and in strictly respecting the recommendations of the health authorities, “concludes Zanatta.

Source: Google Insurane

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