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‘They Forgot That You Ran For President With A Man On Your Ticket’

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a shot at Maureen Dowd and editors of The New York Times NYT Sunday, after a column by Dowd said it had been nearly four decades since a man and woman had shared the Democratic ticket—back to Walter Mondale running with Geraldine Ferraro.

“Either @TimKaine and I had a very vivid shared hallucination four years ago or Maureen had too much pot brownie before writing her column again,” the former Secretary of State said.

Later, on MSNBC’s AM Joy, host Zerlina Maxwell asked Clinton about the column, and what she made of The Times’ editors. “It seems that—despite editors existing—they forgot that you ran for president with a man on your ticket—in 2016,” Maxwell said, adding that on the Republican side, John McCain ran with Sarah Palin in 2008.

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Maxwell asked Clinton why the “mainstream media sometimes seems to erase you and your accomplishments.”

Clinton said the problem was the fact that there remain “so many filters that stand between women seeking public office…and the press. And we have to keep ripping them away.”

“All of us should learn from the past,” Clinton said. “That there are these biases and attitudes about women seeking power — oh my gosh — there’s never been an ambitious man apparently.”

Clinton predicted that when presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden announces his running mate, the woman he runs with will face intense criticism—from the Trump forces and from the media, which—as the Times column suggests—often display a double standard for women running for the highest offices in the country.


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