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This 3-day emergency kit can help you get out of a sticky situation

Accidents happen, inclement weather strikes, power sources fail, and ⁠— in the case of 2020 ⁠— pandemics can strike at moment’s notice. The moral of the story here is that emergencies are a fact of life, and are only made that much more stressful when you don’t have the right supplies on hand.

Although doomsday preppers might say otherwise, the reality is you don’t need to stockpile a whole pantry of essentials in order to feel fully equipped for life’s surprises. In fact, you can have everything you need to get through three days of an emergency situation with the GoBox, a compact, book-sized kit that’s earned coverage in The New York Times and Wall Street JournalThis survival pack is designed to fit perfectly on a bookshelf in your home or office, tucked away in your car trunk, or in your backpack on your next camping trip.

Looks can be deceiving, which is especially true for the GoBox as it contains far more essential items than you’d expect. This one-person, pre-packaged emergency kit is packed full of resources, including a KN95 respirator in the case of a forest fire or pandemic, space blanket to keep you warm outdoors, an LED flashlight, first-aid kit, three-day water and food supply (that is US Coast Guard approved), a Swiss Army Knife-style multi-tool, matches, emergency whistles and even a deck of playing cards (because there’s nothing worse than having zero forms of entertainment during a power outage).

If you find yourself in the middle of a tropical storm, lost on a hike, left without electricity, or in another wave of social distancing, all of the GoBox’s contents will feel like a lifesaver.

Normally $100, customers can shop the GoBox 3-Day Emergency kit today for $89.99.

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Source: NYPost

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