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These days, it isn’t enough that a product has cutting-edge features guaranteed to enhance its functionality. When every product you use sends a message to others about your personality, it has to look good as well. And only the best will do. Berluti’s collaboration with luxury Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen checks all the boxes here. The new collection features six products designed to enhance your listening experience while making a statement with Berluti’s signature leather work.

For audiophiles looking for delightful sound and style while out and about, the collection’s first three offerings are your best bet. Let’s start with the portable Beosound A1 2nd-Gen Berluti Edition. Like the original Beosound A1, it has a waterproof rating of IP67 and is designed to be completely resistant to sand and dust. The portable speaker delivers stunning 360° omnidirectional sound and features a three-microphone design with built-in Alexa, allowing the user to make calls and control it using just their voice. The stylish Beosound A1 2nd-Gen Berluti Edition has Bang & Olufsen signature minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics but with a twist courtesy of the French maison. On the speaker grille, the Berluti logo is boldly emblazoned while a calf leather cord provides a more subtle hint at the collaboration and provides a greater degree of stylish portability. With its 18 hours of play time, it’s perfect for days at home or out with friends.

Moving on to the Beoplay H95 Berluti Edition wireless headphones, this is for those who want a truly immersive and enjoyable listening experience while on the go. It has an over-the-ear design which provides unrivalled noise cancellation, sound production and comfort. The latter is enhanced by the use of soft lambskin ear cushions for an over the top level of luxury. The headband is similarly covered in leather but this time utilising Berluti’s signature Venezia calfskin, crafted in Manifattura Berluti, with a TDM Intenso patina and embossed with the logo of the French maison. On the left and right, the aluminium speaker plates are engraved with Berluti’s and Bang & Olufsen’s logos respectively.

Both of the aforementioned products can be stored in the elegant Berluti Sound Pouch, made with Berluti’s Signature Canvas and “Scritto” text, when not in use, keeping them safe while adding a touch of class and elegance.

For those who are looking to enjoy their favourite tracks from the safety and comfort of their homes during this pandemic, the Berluti X Band & Olufsen collection has offerings for you as well. The Beosound Balance Berluti Edition home speaker offers a great entry point for those looking to get into high-end home audio. The Beosound Balance was designed with input from Benjamin Hubert of London-based Layer Design and delivers impressive acoustic performance despite its relatively smaller size. Apart from great sound, its Scandinavian minimalism and the addition of Venezia leather to its unique construction makes it a uniquely luxurious interior design feature.

Finally, the pièce de résistance of the collection, consisting of the Beolab 90 Berluti Edition speaker and Beovision Harmony Berluti Edition. These products are produced under only under a made-to-order system. The Beolab 90 Berluti Edition is the most powerful speaker in Bang & Olufsen’s entire range, boasting a whopping 8200 watts of power and cutting-edge speaker design to completely immerse an entire home with your favourite tracks. Paired with the Beovison Harmony Berluti edition’s LG 4K resolution and 77-inch OLED screen, it’s a delectable treat for the eyes and ears. Of course, all these features mean nothing if the products don’t look stunning. Like the rest of the offerings in the collection, the Beolab 90 Berluti Edition’s base, as well as the TV’s covering, has been customised with artisanal Venezia leather with a TDM Intenso patina, ensuring that they will be the highlight of any home even before they are turned on.

All products in the aforementioned Berluti x Bang & Olufsen Collection are available in select Berluti and Bang & Olufsen stores and e-shops in limited quantities, with the exception of the Beolab 90 and Beovision Harmony Berluti Edition which are available to order and will be constructed upon receipt of the order. For more information on this luxurious marriage of artisanal French leatherworking and Danish audio innovation, head over to Berluti’s and Band & Olufsen’s websites now.

All images courtesy of Bang & Olufsen.

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