About Damn Time Dance Steps Tutorial 
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About Damn Time Dance Steps Tutorial – Lizzo’s current popular hit, “About Damn Time,” gets everyone on their feet and dancing along, and many people like listening to the music.

It all started when a 22-year-old dancer named Jaeden Gomez created a routine set to the song’s second verse and uploaded it on TikTok, tagging Lizzo in the description.

About Damn Time Dance Steps Tutorial 

Lizzo posted a video of herself doing the movements a few days later, labeling it “Love this dance honestly” and acknowledging Jaeden as the creator.

Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” TikTok Song & Dance Compilation Videos

Jonas and bandmates Jack Lawless and JinJoo Lee hit all the viral “About Damn Time” dance points, which have been going on like wildfire across the app since Lizzo debuted the song in mid-April in a TikTok shared to his account on Tuesday (May 4).

The three-pointed invisible timepieces on their wrists swirled their hands in the air, shook their booties on cue, and hoisted red Solo cups to the line “I am gonna need like two shots in my cup,” with the 32-year-old JoBro standing in the center wearing a cobalt jumpsuit.

Lizzo’s new album is due out on July 15, and she now has the No. 1 slot on TikTok’s most popular tracks with “About Damn Time.”

Lizzo recently shared a TikTok compilation featuring her and other TikTok users executing the dance, adding, “I TOLD YALL I GOT THE SONG OF THE SUMMER.” I AM POSTING EVERYONE WHO DOES THIS DANCE BY @jaedengomez.”

So, if Lizzo keeps her word, DNCE’s TikTok will soon be recognized by queen Lizzo herself.

About Damn Time Dance Steps Tutorial

This choreography for the song “About Damn Time” is straightforward to execute. You need to understand how to make the reverse motion, where to position your arms, and when to move your body to hit the beat on time.

The majority of dancers swing their hips to the pulse of the music. After a few practice sessions, you’ll be ready to go.

The music is so addictive that it didn’t take long to gain popularity on TikTok, and user Jaeden Gomez took it a step further by creating her dance to the melody.

Others adored the dancer’s choreography, and thousands of people rushed to learn the dance so they could contribute their films to the app.

About Damn Time Dance Challenges

Lizzo herself repeated it several times, and the dance became so famous, remarking, “Yea I’m doing this,” on Jaeden’s TikTok. Lizzo’s videos received millions of likes and views, with fans adoring the singer’s twist on the dance.

Lizzo’s music and Lizzo are absolutely everything, according to one reader, while Lizzo is everything, according to another.

Jaeden even posted her remark, evidently adoring Lizzo’s interpretation of the routine, exclaiming “YESSS DESERT QUEEN” in a comment that received over 27,000 likes.

Fans were also quick to applaud Jaeden’s dance being reproduced by the original vocalist.

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