Amber Heard Puffy Face On Trial – Were Her Red Bruises Fake Or Real? Cause Of Injury Explored
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Amber Heard talked about her having a puffy face or swollen face after their alleged final fight before their divorce. The actress revealed that she was left with bruises on her face.

The trial jurors heard testimony about Amber’s expertise in covering up bruises with makeup. Heard reportedly said that she used Arnica cream to conceal the bruises.

Jurors have seen the multiple pictures of the actress throughout the trial that purport to document the abuse Amber said that she received during her relationship with Johnny.

Several pictures of her were disclosed on Monday that showed the redness and swelling. The bruises ended up after the actor threw a phone at her face, as disclosed by Amber.

The confrontation in May 2016 prompted the actress to file for divorce from Depp two days later. She even obtained a temporary restraining order following a courthouse hearing.

Amber on Monday gave a testimony revealing her reddened face after Johnny allegedly threw a phone at her face. Also, her friend took a picture of her face in different positions to capture an accurate state.

Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez also presented a picture from the couple’s honeymoon that shows the Pirates of the Caribbean actor with dark bruises under his eyes in 2015.



The actress denied the injuries under the cross-examination on Tuesday. She had stated that she had seen the pictures before, and Depp wasn’t injured, but the picture was photoshopped.

She claimed the Pirates of the Caribbean actor slapped Amber across the face, grabbed her by the beck, and even pushed her against the wall of a train car.

Notwithstanding that, there exists no photographic evidence of Amber’s alleged injuries. She also claimed that their honeymoon was peaceful until he started drinking alcohol.


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