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Anansa Sims believes moms should have a full week. The model took to Instagram on Tuesday (May 10) to share pictures from her Mother’s Day celebration with the family.

“I hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day,” Anansa told her social media fans. “We deserve a whole week,” the celebrity mom said. Anansa shared several candids featuring her and the family wearing yellow. “Beautiful family,” one social media follower declared. “I just absolutely love and adore y’all blended family,” another fan said.

Anansa Sims and her boyfriend, Matt Barnes, have one child, Ashton, together. The model also has three children – Ava, David, and Dean – with her ex-husband, David Patterson. Matt Barnes has two sons, Carter and Isaiah, with his ex-wife, Gloria Govan. It was just a few weeks ago that Gloria demanded that Anansa not share pictures of Carter and Isaiah online.

“My kids tolerate you because I raised them well,” Gloria told Anansa. “They get irritated that [you] always try to force pictures and videos of them,” Govan added. “I’ve asked you before not to post them. You obviously don’t listen. Now I’m telling you! Cut the sh*t,” Gloria demanded of Anansa. “Leave MY kids off your social media. Stop lying. Or it’s going to become a problem.”

Anansa may not be able to post Matt Barnes’ sons with Gloria Govan often. The model can, however, share as many pictures of her kids with supporters.

“The bond that links your family is not one of blood, but of Love,” Anansa shared with her social media fans on Sunday. “Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms, stepmoms, and bonus moms,” the celebrity mom said.

Anansa Sims is the daughter of legendary model Beverly Johnson who attended her daughter’s Mother’s Day celebration this past weekend. “I love you, mommy,” Anansa wrote in the comments section of her mom’s Instagram post that featured Beverly with the family.

Photo: Anansa Sims/Instagram

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