Are Amber Heard and Raquel Pennington Still Friends? Update On Johnny Depp Trial
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Johnny Depp was caught chuckling as his ex-wife described the aftermath of an alleged brawl that left her with a bruised face. Amber Heard spoke in court about an alleged altercation with Depp in May 2016.

In the $50 million defamation trial, the jury saw photos of Heard’s bruised face, which she claimed was inflicted by Depp striking her with a phone during the altercation.

Raquel, who lived next door at the time and supposedly raced to the actress’ aid, allegedly took the photos, according to Heard.

When she consented to meet Depp after his mother died, the Aquaman actress told the jury that things got out of hand.



Heard claimed Depp kept bringing up the bed feces episode, prompting her to call her friend iO Tillett Wright to refute his “delusions.”

She claims Depp started calling iO “every imaginable name you could call an LGBTQIA person” during the call. iO allegedly told her she needed to leave and wasn’t safe.

Heard said that her damaged cheek was caused by “Johnny throwing a phone at it.” Depp remained silent until Heard explained why she refused to cooperate with the cops when they arrived at the apartment. When they arrived, the actor was not present, but Raquel was photographing the aftermath “to protect” Heard.

As she detailed Depp allegedly sexually abusing her with an alcohol bottle, he appeared to respond similarly.

Depp and Heard are in court over an op-ed she penned in the Washington Post describing herself as a domestic abuse survivor. He sued her for $50 million, saying that her bogus accusations cost him multiple movie roles.

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