Let’s find out ‘Are Brendon Urie And Sarah Expecting Their First Baby?’ The lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist of Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Boyd Urie is an American singer, songwriter, and musician.

He announced his departure from the band on Tuesday. It’s been a hell of a ride, the remaining full-time band member and singer-songwriter posted on social media.

Panic! at the Disco formed in 2004, and in 2005, its debut album, “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out,” which featured the single “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” achieved platinum status. The band gradually lost members until Urie was the only one left. He has traveled with a band that is on the road.


Are Brendon Urie And Sarah Expecting Their First Baby?

Are Brendon Urie And Sarah Expecting Their First Baby?


The Singer just announced to everyone that he and his wife, Sarah, are expecting a kid. I’m going to put a stop to this chapter of my life and focus all of my attention and energy on my family, I stated.

Due to his musical talent, Brendon has a large following, but many of them might not be familiar with his personal life. Who is the wife of Brendon Urie? Learn more about his wife and their relationship by reading on.


How Did Brendon Meet His Wife Sarah?

Brendon first met Sarah in Detroit during a summer tour stop somewhere around 2009. Brendon discussed his first encounter with Sarah during an appearance with 104.1 The Edge. Brendon began, “I saw her outside of the tour bus. The most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen was her, I thought. I didn’t know what to do. I was so frightened.

Finally, he spoke with her, they spent time together, and they finished the evening by drinking drinks at a bar. After having a “wonderful time” together and finding out that Sarah had a boyfriend, Brendon decided to call it a night. She “should probably go,” he said, adding, “I basically told her, ‘If you don’t get off this bus right now, I’ll try to kiss you, and I’m not that person.’”


How Did Brendon Meet His Wife Sarah?

How Did Brendon Meet His Wife Sarah?


Before they next ran into one another, “almost eight months” had gone. After ending her previous relationship, Sarah reconnected with him through the singer of “Still Into You.” Hayley from Paramore attended a concert with her husband Chad Gilbert and his band New Found Glory, according to Brendon on 104.1 The Edge.

Because Sarah was single and I was already deeply in love with her, she brought Sarah along. So Hayley invited her inside, and everything went well. It was absurd. Both of us thought we were going insane. Fortunately, her previous relationship ended, and I quickly moved in.


Are Brendon Urie And Sarah Expecting Their First Baby?

Brendon and Sarah eventually wed in 2013. The rest is history after that. You can see that Sarah is a self-employed cosmetics artist from looking at her Instagram. She frequently shares photos of herself with Brendon, her family, and her friends.

Brendon shared both good and bad news on Instagram on January 24, 2023. “Sarah and I are expecting a baby very soon,” the celebrity told his fans at the outset, but he did not specify when Sarah is due. However, when Brendon announced that Panic! At The Disco had officially disbanded in light of the birth of his child, he rapidly twisted the good news into bad.

Are Brendon Urie And Sarah Expecting Their First Baby?

Are Brendon Urie And Sarah Expecting Their First Baby?


I’m going to terminate this chapter of my life and focus all of my attention and energy on my family and Panic! at the Disco instead. “Brendon authored the bombshell post and posted it, announcing that At the Disco will be disbanding. “Thank you so much for all your support throughout the years,” he said to the crowd.

It’s been a pleasure, he added. Before permanently calling it quits, Panic! will perform one final run of concerts in the U.K. and Europe in 2023.

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