“He has an incredibly deep range of thoughts” – TXT’s Soobin dishes praise on BTS’ RM yet again in recent interview
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A remark from BTS’ SUGA on HOSHI’s Instagram present has driven on festivals in the Military and CARAT, SEVENTEEN’s being a fan.

To observe SEVENTEEN’s unit BSS’ rebound following four years, HOSHI posted a few photographs on his Instagram account on Monday, February 6, 2023. In a surprising development, fans found SUGA’s remark on his post, prompting mayhem in the two gatherings’ being a fan.


In addition, the HOT gathering’s part maker, WOOZI, likewise tended to him as “hyung,” which overwhelmed fans. Icons normally use “sunbaenim,” a term for seniors in the expert space.

Notwithstanding, WOOZI utilizing “hyung” inferred that the couple had met beforehand or shared a nearby bond, one that fans are yet to be aware of. Subsequently, fans took over Twitter to observe BSS’ rebound and the individuals’ collaboration with BTS’ SUGA.

On February 6, 2023, SEVENTEEN’s sub-unit BSS, otherwise known as BooSeokSoon, got back in the saddle following four years with the fortifying title track Battling! highlighting Lee Youthful ji.

The collection’s advancements previously uncovered that “Soon,” otherwise known as HOSHI, will show up as a visitor on BTS’ SUGA’s SuChwita, whose secret immediately became a web sensation among K-pop fans as they started referring to them as “Sushi,” produced using SUGA and HOSHI.

The Sushi team hit again when the SEVENTEEN part posted photographs on his Instagram account. BTS’ SUGA remarked on the post with the name of BSS’ title track however in a charming tone. The remark in a flash turned into all the rage as ARMYs and CARATs by and by saw an uncommon cooperation between the two gatherings.

The good times didn’t end there as WOOZI, SEVENTEEN’s part, vocal group pioneer, musician, and maker, remarked on a similar post inquiring as to whether SUGA truly answered to HOSHI’s post. Nonetheless, the part that had fans spouting over it was that the maker tended to the BTS part as “hyung.”

WOOZI is to SEVENTEEN what SUGA is to BTS. With the exception of one being a vocalist and the other a rapper, both have a necessary impact in their gathering’s discography as lyricists and makers.

The never-considered little collaboration between the three symbols had fans assuming control over Twitter. Investigate how fans responded to the discussion beneath:
[embedded content]
SuChwita episode 4 secret, which was delivered a couple of days prior, likewise moved on Twitter after fans saw SEVENTEEN’s HOSHI being all giggly while drinking with BTS’ SUGA. Fans adored the pair’s energy and are anticipating the episode, particularly in the wake of seeing their smashed jokes before.

While the prospective 30-year-old SUGA is known to swallow down 57% cocktails effectively, the 26-year-old HOSHI has shown his handily inebriated self on Youngji’s show and Dingo Sloshed Live. In the mystery, the couple discussed a few mysteries and industry characteristics while bit by bit drawing nearer.

SuChwita episode 4 will be delivered on September 9 at 10 pm KST on YouTube and Weverse.

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