Arrest Warrant Issued For Earl Thomas For Allegedly Threatening Wife & Kids
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Earl Thomas is a wanted man after violating his wife’s protection order by texting her and threatening her and their children.

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One of the wildest stories to hit the internet during the COVID-19 lockdowns involved Earl Thomas, his brother, their wives, an Airbnb, and some IG hotties. Earl and his brother were having a quarantine orgy in a secret Airbnb, but Earl’s wife Nina located them on Snapchat and confronted the brothers. Things escalated when Nina pulled out her Nina (Earl’s 9mm Beretta pistol) during the conflict to get to the bottom of what was going on.

Police reports would later reveal she pointed the 9mm right to Earl’s head to get answers and then pointed the gun at his mistresses screaming, “I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU HOES”. Of course, Nina was locked up, and not too long after, Earl posted Nina’s birthday present to him on social media like nothing ever happened.

Fast forward to exactly two years later, and now, Earl has an arrest warrant out for his arrest for allegedly violating Nina’s protective order. Can it get more toxic? Yes, it can…and here’s how.

According to Yahoo Sports, Eric and Nina were ordered to only communicate via a co-parenting app, but Earl refused to download it and contacts her directly and shows up places she goes unannounced. Then, he took it a step further by threatening her and their children.

On April 18, police say Thomas texted the woman that he obtained two handguns earlier that day. Later, he texted: “Waiting on hand in foot is why I’ll kick ur ass.”

The next day, police say Thomas texted: “I hope u in the car with him and the kids and yall drive off the road.” That same day, police say he texted: “Ima let my momma and my cousins poison they (their children) ass.”

The pair are separated and in the middle of a divorce and things don’t seem like they will be going down peacefully. This also doesn’t help to Earl’s quest to join an NFL team as this latest warrant follows his 2021 misdemeanor arrest for carrying a weapon unlawfully, which was later dismissed.

Hopefully, they can get it together for the sake of their kids.

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