Bobby Joe Blythe Video: What Happened To Karate? Dojo Accident Shocks Many
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Bobby Joe Blythe Video: The footage of a well-known Karate expert, Bobby Blythe, has gone viral, leaving people surprised.

Bobby Blythe, a karate instructor, was caught bullying in a video that went popular on the internet. Many of his admirers thought the clips to be rather startling.

Bobby Joe Blythe Video: What Happened To Karate? Dojo Accident Shocks Many

He had also taught many of his students with his years of experience as a Karate master. People have started talking about him after seeing the clips.

Hear more about Bobby’s mishap while he continues to be the center of attention on the internet.

What Happened To Bobby Blythe Karate?

Karate master & owner of a Dojo was bullying a mentally challenged man by instructing his student to fight him. While he and the opponent started the fight, it didn’t end well.

Bobby’s student started attacking the man; while he instructed him and started to corner the person while charging him. Within some time, the unidentified man was left unconscious on the ground.

Looking at how he started picking a fight with the man, people have dissed the trainer over the internet. What’s more, the person knocked down was mentally challenged.

The incident of 1984 has again come to the surface after an internet user posted & shared the video. Meanwhile, people are currently in disbelief; after watching the clips of the Karate master’s conduct.

Bobby Blythe Dojo Accident Video Went Viral On Reddit

Dojo owner Bobby Blythe’s accident video circulates the internet after a Reddit user shared the clips. The tragedy occurred after an unidentified man made his entrance into the facility.

Further, the trainer, Blythe, instructed his student to fight with the man who entered and was mentally not well. The person got speculated as Richard Richardo Dyer, a missing person.

A Karater Instructor, Bobby Blythe
A Karater Instructor, Bobby Blythe

The man seems to have sustained a severe injury after getting knocked down and bleeding. However, no whereabouts of the man got found after the incident.

More On Bobby Blythe As He Gets Highlighted On Twitter And Instagram

Bobby Blythe has been all over social media, mainly on Twitter and Instagram, after the decades-old video came to the flash. While the users have opened a discussion on the matter, they have also started wondering about the victim.

Presently, Bobby seems to be living a private life, as not much appears to the media. Following the video, people have started calling out the trainer and for taking action against the tragic event.

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