Bryan Thomas Brunson Arrested For Firing Gun: Video On Twitter and Reddit – Charges And Mugshots Details
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Bryan Thomas Brunson Arrested For Firing Gun – Bryan Thomas Brunson’s arrest for discharging a gun has been widely reported in the media.

Bryan Thomas Brunson, the father of a young kid, became enraged and fired a gun after his neighbor complained about his son’s wrongdoing.

Bryan Thomas Brunson Arrested For Firing Gun –  Charges And Mugshots Details

The victim posted about the incident on social media. There was a discussion regarding the differences between black and white individuals; is this due to racism?

Video Bryan Thomas Brunson Arrested – Was He Firing Gun?

Bryan Thomas Brunson was arrested by the constable’s office PCT 2 Forney on 13 May 2022. The victim posted a video that showed Brunson’s son knocking at their door looking for their 9 years old daughter with a whip.

While he was faced by the girl’s parents, who told him to calm down or reported his behavior to the police. The boy then tends to scratch their car, Audi which was captured in another neighbor’s CCTV footage.

They reported the boy’s behavior to Brunson, which turned out to be an unexpected firing. If the police took action earlier when the victim, Nash’s wife filed a complaint this would not happen.

But the police, Kaufman County Constable told Nash’s wife that their white neighbor was moving out and things would sort out soon. What an irresponsibility of them!

Know Bryan Thomas Brunson Firearm Charges and Mugshots – Twitter Video and Reddit

Bryan Thomas Brunson was arrested on a charge of using a firearm, and his mugshots have been shared on Twitter and Reddit. The video of the incident has been nicely made and is shared on social media.

Brunson has been arrested by Kaufman County Police. He faces a sentence of one to ten years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000 if convicted. A felony conviction carries a mandatory minimum sentence of two years in prison.

The netizens are commenting on Twitter with their concern about what will happen if a father will teach a son against racism and support the disrespect to the neighbors.

What Is Bryan Thomas Brunson Age And Real Name?

Bryan Thomas Brunson was born on 16th August 1982. He is 39 years old man living in Texas, United States. Bryan Thomas Brunson is his real name.

Brunson is the neighbor f Dee Nash, a black member of the Travis Ranch community. Nash confirmed that Brunson’s weapon was confiscated by constables according to

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