Caprice used to pay off her sons
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Caprice used to “pay off” her sons so she and her husband could go and have sex in peace.

Caprice used to pay off her sons

Caprice used to pay off her sons

The 50-year-old model – who has kids Jett and Jax, both eight, with spouse Ty Comfort – insisted it is vital in relationships to make time for “smoochers” and had no qualms about telling her kids what they were up to when they wanted some intimate time away from their boys.

Discussing if separate beds can impact on relationships, she told Closer magazine: “If you’re not sleeping with them, there’s a higher risk of falling into that rat hole and habit where you don’t make time for what I call ‘smoochers’. I believe sex keeps a relationship strong.

“I’ve had times like that where I’ve just had to say in the daytime, ‘Right, Mummy and Daddy are doing smoochers! Nobody bother us for an hour’ – and the boys know.

“We went through a stage where we even had to pay them off so they didn’t disturb us.

“We’ve give them a few pounds and tell them to get lost, basically.

“They were happy they had money for sweets.

The blonde beauty insisted it is vital to balance her husband’s needs with those of her children in order to keep their marriage strong.

She added: “Men are very simple. You feed them, you give them compliments and you have sex.

“Then they’re good to go.

“Of course children are children, they need you, but you can’t neglect your relationship.

“I can have my cake and eat it too.”

At the moment, Caprice’s sons have been looking to sleep with her, and though she’s happy to comply, she insisted it won’t be a long term arrangement and she won’t miss out on “intimacy” with her husband.

She said: “Right now we’re going through a stage where both of my boys want to be with me and I’m doing it, and I get it, but it will only be for a short amount of time…

“Not sharing a bed for such a long time could be a relationship killer.

“Even now, I don’t miss a week of intimacy with my husband – never.”

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