Carrie Underwoods Face Accident – How Did It Happen? Surgery Details To Know


Underwood tripped on the steps outside her home in Nashville while taking her dog out. The accident occurred a few days after she hosted CMA Awards, according to 

As a result of her accident, she had to put 40 to 50 stitches on her face. The fall also broke the wrist of the country star and she also had to undergo surgery for the treatment. 

After the accident, Carrie announced that she had a facial injury and will not reveal her face for some time. People were shocked and surprised by her announcement. 

But after the reveal of Carrie’s face in April, people passed the mixed and self-opinionated comments regarding her facial injuries.

Some made speculations that her entire story of facial injury and getting off the spotlight for a certain time was a tactic to cover her facial surgery work. 

People also criticized Carrie stating that her face looked no different than before and she just exaggerated about the whole accident thing. 



However, 9 months after her accident she opened up and addressed the rumors about her facial injury by sitting down with Redbook. 

She states that the accident did make her feel a lack of confidence about her post-treatment look. She also said that no one other than ourselves can see us closely and recognize the difference between pre and post-accident.  

She also addressed the plastic surgery rumors calling them fake and sharing her desire to recede her scar but also stating the truth that she couldn’t do that.



The billboard shared a tweet about Carrie Underwood talking about her accident with Ellen DeGeneres.