Dan McLaughlin MugShot

The news about Dan McLaughlin MugShot has taken great interest. Is he still in jail? Let’s find out together. 

According to the local Police, Mclaughlin was arrested for DWI Charged on December 4, 2022. 

Mclaughlin is a well-known sports broadcaster working on the St. Louis Cardinals, and he started his broadcast career in 1996. 

People took an interest in Mclaughlin’s life after the news about his arrest was out. This article will provide you with everything you need about DWI charges against Dan Mclaughlin. 

Dan McLaughlin MugShot

Mclaughlin was arrested with a felony count of persistent driving while intoxicated. This is his third time being arrested while intoxicated. 

In November 2010 and 2011, he pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated. At the time, he was charged $25,000 and released simultaneously.

Dan McLaughlin charged with President DWI for the thrid time.
Dan McLaughlin was charged with President DWI for the third time. (Image Source: KSDK)

But this time, he might face a significant risk before being released; he was found in a different lane in a Police check while driving.

Police received a call from someone saying a white BMW had been driving the car in an S pattern at Ladue Road. 

When Police arrived at the place, they found the car in the wrong lane side, which could see as he had not been driving the vehicle with proper rules.

But the same day, he was not under Police investigation. On Monday night, he said that he was “deeply remorseful” for his actions on Sunday. 

After Police caught his action, he was arrested, but he was not charged for anything the same day. 

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Arrest And Charged With DWI Case

After getting a warrant, McLaughlin was charged as a Persistent Offender of Driving while he was not in a good place; he was intoxicated.

Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin charged with persistent DWI
Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin charged with persistent DWI. (Image Source: KSDK)

And it became his third DWI arrest; he was charged for the same case in 2010 and 2011. 

McLaughlin shared about struggling with alcohol back in 2011, and he was arrested for drinking and driving case for almost 18 months.

After getting released, he shared how hard it was to get out of his drinking habit, and he is trying to recover. 

But again, he has been charged for precisely the same thing, and he will be inside for almost the same amount of time he was inside back in 2011.

His career was in his hand when he was arrested for the second time. Fox Sports Midwest suspended him, and this time he was getting fired.

So, the case will cause him a difficult time, and it might also come between his career.

When Fox Sports Midwest reinstated him, he apologized and said, “This is as last-chance as it gets, absolutely,” but it does not seem like last.

If McLaughlin is found guilty this time, he will get a maximum sentence of four years in prison. The prison time and the charges he will face this time have not been disclosed publicly.

More investigations and interviews have been going on, and he is still in custody. So, hopefully, the Sports Broadcaster will be found guilty and charged for his behavior.

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