Dante Lennon Freeport NY Crash And Accident: Was The 22-year-old Arrested? More Details Explained About The Victim
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A look at Dante Lennon Freeport NY Crash And Accident: Dante Lennon, 22, of Freeport, was driving a Mercedes-Benz when he crashed with a Lincoln Town car, killing three women. The footage of the crash has gone viral.

In an automobile accident on Long Island, three persons were killed and four others were seriously injured. A Mercedes-Benz and a Lincoln Town car crashed in the eastbound lane in front of 214 Jericho Turnpike, according to Nassau County Police.

Dante Lennon Freeport NY Crash And Accident: Was The 22-year-old Arrested? More Details Explained About The Victim

According to social media allegations, Dante Lennon was driving while inebriated and allegedly collided with a Lincoln Town vehicle, resulting in the deadly car accident.

Who Is Dante Lennon Freeport? NY New Hyde Park Crash Video

Dante Lennon from Freeport has been arrested after killing three people in a car collision.

As per the surveillance footage, the 22-year-old plowed his Mercedes-Benz into a slow-moving Lincoln Town car as it was making a turn. The accident has caused the death of three female passengers in the Lincoln.

4 other people, including Lennon, were reported injured and taken to the hospital. As per reports, they are quite stable at the moment.

Nothing much is known about Lennon, except that he is from Freeport. Some people on social media are saying that he is an entrepreneur. We will find out soon enough.

Dante Lennon Parents And Family: Witnesses Terrified of The Fatal Car Accident

Dante Lennon’s parents or any other family members have not spoken anything about the incident yet.

The accident, however, has affected the witnesses around the area. As per the witnesses, the car T-boned the vehicle as the Uber driver was making a turn. Along with the driver, other passengers are currently in a local hospital.

Speaking to CBS and ABC, the witnesses describe the accident as “devastating” and “sad.” The footage of the crash is not available but there are reports of its existence on several subreddit groups.

Was Dante Lennon Arrested? Mugshot And Charges

Dante Lennon has been arrested and charged with three counts of vehicular manslaughter and DWI.

As of now, he is currently admitted to a local hospital. But the 22-year-old is supposed to see the court as soon as his health condition improves. So, the court date has not been set until now.

The suspect will soon be transferred to the county jail, as per the authorities. He was reportedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

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