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Delhi Bjp Leader Jitu Choudhary Shot Dead, Who Killed Minister? The number of crimes has been steadily increasing in recent years. Whether it’s a minor or major crime, anything can happen anywhere in the world. Jitu Choudhary, a local BJP leader, was recently shot and killed outside his home, according to reports.

Another brilliant individual had died, which was tragic. In terms of working and serving his country, he was pretty capable. Occasionally, a large number of individuals approached him and sought his wise counsel.

Who Killed Jitu Choudhary? Delhi Bjp Leader Shot Dead – Age, Wife, Family

However, only a few people would have heeded his advise. In this article, we’ll look at how he died and the consequences of his death.

Who was Jitu Choudhary?

Jitu Choudhary, who was 42 years old at the time of his death, died. He was shot and killed by two unknown bikers, according to cops. The identify of the victim was unknown at the time. The police investigation has begun, and they are looking into every element of the situation. According to sources, Jitu was outside his home on Wednesday talking to a few individuals when he was shot four times by two unidentified motorcycles.

Delhi Bjp Leader Jitu Choudhary Shot Dead

The accused killed the BJP leader by shooting him in the head. According to neighbours, Jitu was shot and brought to the metro hospital in Noida, where doctors proclaimed him dead. If he arrives on time, there’s a chance we’ll be able to save him, but he’s officially dead as of now. We were no longer able to assist him.

The internet has been rocked by this news. Users who follow him and seek his guidance are depressed. When this information was made public, numerous police officers took swift action and began investigating the situation. They are looking at all of the cameras and questioning his neighbours and coworkers in order to learn more about the unknown motorcyclists.

However, it appears that the cops have no information on the victims. They also looked at CCTV footage to find the bike’s licence plate. However, the clarity of the CCTV was so poor that they couldn’t even read it. Cops are having a lot of trouble getting proof of the bikers. As of now, their identity was unknown. If anything new or updated becomes available, we will notify you immediately. Until then, keep an eye on this website.

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