Did Gayle King CBS Good Morning Show Suffer Foot Injury? Ankle And Feet Surgery And Injury Update
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Did Gayle King CBS Good Morning Show Suffer Foot Injury? CBS Gayle King made news after a chat on the Good Morning Show with congressman Tony. She spoke up against gun tragedies and the steps that need to be taken to prevent them.

Gayle King is a CBS Mornings co-host and an Editor at Large for Oprah’s award-winning magazine, Oprah Daily.

Did Gayle King CBS Good Morning Show Suffer Foot Injury? Ankle And Feet Surgery And Injury Update
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Did Gayle King CBS Good Morning Show Suffer Foot Injury & How Did It Happen? 

Gayle King has recently got involved in a heated discussion with Uvalde’s congressman Tony Gonzales on CBS Good Morning Show.

There, she tried to probe on to question him about guns and had a tense exchange with the Republican congressman. But, he tried to dodge gun-control questions after Buffalo shooting and Texas elementary school incident, thus telling not today.

According to the Washington Post, Tony also said the conversation should be about love and healing and it’s not time for policy debates. In return, Gayle answered at last that we need love but we also need change.

After the audience saw the news they felt that Gayle King’s questions do have some weight. Well, some Twitter users have praised Gayle after she challenged Congressman Gonzalez on CBS Mornings. And, as we could see that he wanted to shift the conversation away from her question about guns but she didn’t let him break away from her question.

Gayle King has a foot injury and has not gone through foot surgery as it was not required. She also shared her excitement stating yay diagnosis, and yay, no surgery.

She was newly diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis after hurting her Achilles. And, her doctors advised her to wear a walking boot on her injured left foot so as to reduce her injury and pain and also make her comfortable to do her daily activities without slight issues.

And, what’s more, after sustaining an injury, she spent weeks going to events with a clog on the injured one (left) and a heel on one foot (the right one).

Does Gayle King Have Kids? Her Husband And Family

Gayle King has kids named Kirby Bumpus and William Bumpus Jr whom she shares with her ex-husband William Bumpus.

She is also a grandmother to her grown-up children’s young kids. She got married to her then-husband and father of her children in 1982 and later they parted ways in 1993. But, they maintained an amicable relationship when it comes to their kids.

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