Did John Mccain And Vicki Iseman Have An Affair? Alleged Lobbyist Mistress Name
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Did John Mccain And Vicki Iseman Have An Affair? One of the more dramatic scandals of the presidential campaign was John Mccain’s affair with Vicki Iseman.

Former Arizona Senator John Mccain is an American politician. From 1987 until his death in 2018, he worked for the state.

Did John Mccain And Vicki Iseman Have An Affair? Alleged Lobbyist Mistress Name

Mccain, a presidential candidate, was alleged to be having an affair with his lobbyist. Vicki Iseman, his attractive blonde lobbyist, was linked to his name. The news of their unethical connection had taken an unexpected turn. Continue reading to learn more.

Did John Mccain And Vicki Iseman Have An Affair?

John Mccain and Vicki Iseman had an illicit romantic relationship, according to the New York Times.

The news had described Mccain’s lobbying activities while Iseman was serving as his Lobbyist. They had developed a close personal relationship.

Iseman was a young blonde Lobbyist, three-decade younger than Mccain. The newspaper had claimed that Vicki was a frequent visitor to the senator’s office. Further, Mccain had flown with her on a corporate jet belonging to Paxson communications.

In 2008,  Iseman had filed a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times. She had alleged that the newspaper had falsely communicated.

Meanwhile, The New York Times fully stood against their article and claimed that their news was true.

In 2009, the lawsuit was settled between the parties with no money involved. The New York Times, on the other hand, maintained that they had not intended to allege any affair as a requirement. At the same time, McCain’s campaign had labeled the story “a hit-and-run smear campaign” and “gutter politics”.

Where Is John Mccain Now After The Scandal?

John Mccain died on August 25, 2018, at the age of 81 years. He was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017, hence having to reduce his role as a senator for his treatment. He was laid to rest in the Arizona State Capitol rotunda and later the United States Capitol rotunda after his death.

After the scandal, Mccain had to go through lots of legal mess. He denied the affair and was battling to maintain his support in the Republican Party’s conservative flank. Subsequently, the suit was settled without payment in February 2009.

John Mccain’s Married Life: His Wife & Children

John Mccain had married two times in his life. His wives were Carol McCain and Cindy McCain.

The former Senator wedded Carol in the year 1965 and split in 1980. She is a former political aide and event planner who was director of the White House Visitors Office during the Reagan administration. The former couple share three children together; Andrew McCain, Douglas McCain, and Sidney McCain.

Similarly, John married Cindy McCain in the year 1980 and was together with her until his death in 2018. She is an American diplomat, businesswoman, and humanitarian. Meghan McCain, Bridget McCain, John Sidney McCain IV, and James McCain are their grown children.

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