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Did Kevin Johnson Announce His Retirement As The CEO Of Starbucks – What Was The Reason? Kevin Johnson, the beloved Starbucks CEO, startled everyone when he announced his unexpected resignation.

Kevin Johnson, a software developer from Gig Harbor, Washington, graduated from Mexico State University.

Did Kevin Johnson Announce His Retirement As The CEO Of Starbucks - What Was The Reason? When Will Howard Schultz Return?

Before his unexpected entrance into Starbucks, he worked in technology from the 1990s to the 2010s.

Under his leadership, the firm grew more business-oriented as they implemented technical breakthroughs and addressed racial disparities.

He hopes to spend time with his wife June and two sons after being diagnosed with cancer.

Did Kevin Johnson Announce His Retirement As The CEO Of Starbucks- What Was The Reason?

Entrepreneur Kevin Johnson announced his departure as the chief operating officer of the beverage company Starbucks. He divulged that the retirement was imminent as he pondered on the idea since the pandemic.

He has given hints about his early withdrawal as it was the natural way of things.

Indeed, he has been a lucky charm for the company as stocks rose a whopping 50% during his reign.

The stock market found a rise of 7 percent after the news breakout ahead of its annual shareholder meeting Wednesday.

Who Is The Successor Of Kevin Johnson- Howard Schultz As Interim CEO

After Kevin Johnson stepped down from his positions, Howard Schultz returned as an Interim CEO. It is not his first time on the job as he has ascended the seat two times prior.

The executive has promised to select a permanent chief by the end of the fall.

Previously, Schultz had stated that he did not think about reentering the company as he had taken the political route and tried for the presidency.

Astonishingly, he will receive a salary of 1 dollar as he is taking in the job out of the goodness of his heart.

Kevin Johnson Salary And Net Worth- Earning Explored 2022

As of 2022, the net worth of Kevin Johnson is a whopping 90.1 dollars, having an annual salary of 20.43 million dollars. He was the CEO of Starbucks for five years before denouncing his seat in March.

His journey in the company began in 2009 when he joined as a board member while simultaneously openings the CEO of Juniper.

In 2015, he ascended the rank of COO and became CEO in just two years.

Besides, he had his humble beginnings as a software engineer for IBM and worked in technical support of Microsoft in the 1990s.

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