Did Metricon CEO Mario Biasin Commit Suicide, Why Did He Take His Own Life?
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Did Metricon CEO Mario Biasin Commit Suicide? Mario Biasin, the CEO of Metricon and the country’s largest indifferent home builder, died, prompting speculation that it was a suicide.

Mario Biasin’s death was announced on the internet, and he died at the age of 71, according to several news outlets.

Did Metricon CEO Mario Biasin Commit Suicide, Why Did He Take His Own Life?

Mario’s death was described as “devastating and surprising” by Anthony di Pietro, a long-time friend.

Did Metricon CEO Mario Biasin Commit Suicide?

Mario Biasin, the CEO of Metricon, the largest detached home builder, has died. According to sources, Biasin was killed on Monday. At the time of his death, Biasin was 71 years old.

Biasin’s untimely death was confirmed by an official from his company, Metricon. Although the Metricon’s official announcement simply mentioned Biasin’s untimely death, it did not identify the cause of his death.

As soon as the tragic news of Biasin’s death became known, many prominent Australian businesspeople, public personalities, and celebrities took to social media to pay their heartfelt tributes to him.

Some well-known business figures recalled Biasin and offered stories about their times with him. On social media, netizens sent heartfelt memories and condolences to the late Australian real estate magnate Biasin.

Mario’s untimely death is an irreparable loss for the whole Metricon company and the Australian corporate community.

Mario Biasin Wife

Mario Biasin and his loving wife, Glenda Biasin, had a happy marriage. On November 27, 2021, Mario and Glenda celebrated their wedding anniversary, and a photo of the occasion was also uploaded on Twitter.

Glenda preferred to keep her personal life private, and Mario similarly kept details about his wife to himself to protect her privacy.

Glenda’s precise birth date is unknown, however, she seems to be in her late sixties. Glenda has black hair and a light complexion and yet looks stunning.

Mario and Glenda had a happy marriage, as there is no mention of their divorce in the media, and Glenda took good care of her husband. Mario and Glenda also had four children named Brent, Bradley, Michelle Crisfield, and Jason Biasin.

Like a beautiful wife, Glenda proved to be an excellent mother who took good care of her children and loved them wholeheartedly.

Mario Biasin Net Worth: How Rich?

According to Networthbirthday, Mario Biasin’s net worth is believed to be $60 million. Metricon, Australia’s largest indifferent house construction firm, was founded and owned by Mario. Last year, Metricon’s net revenue exceeded $200 million.

The Australian real estate mogul Mario had previously served as the soccer club’s director for the preceding 16 years. Around six years ago, it was announced that Mario and the club’s owner, Anthony di Pietro, had spent $235,000 to acquire ownership of the small lower-league Italian football team Triestina.

Biasin lived a happy and lovely life because of the money he earned as a businessman, and his hard work paid off incredibly well, allowing him to achieve so much in his life.

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