Did Orlaith Quinn Commit Suicide, Why Did She Take Her Own Life? Death News - Meet Her Husband
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Did Orlaith Quinn Commit Suicide? – Orlaith Quinn, who committed herself, was let down by the hospital, according to her husband and family.

Orlaith Quinn, a mother, committed suicide at a Maternity Care in Belfast on October 11, 2018. Only two days after giving birth to her third child, she died.

Did Orlaith Quinn Commit Suicide, Why Did She Take Her Own Life? Death News - Meet Her Husband

According to the news, an investigation will be held at Belfast’s Lagan Side Court on May 10, 2022 to determine what truly transpired.

Did Orlaith Quinn Commit Suicide, Why Did She Take Her Own Life?

Orlaith Quinn had committed suicide in the early hours at the Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital. She died less than two days after the birth of her daughter, Meave.

At around 3:25 am in the morning, Quinn was missing from the hospital. Before going searching for his wife, who had forgotten her slippers and dressing robe, her husband had warned the staff. Meanwhile, Orlaith had made more than 17 crazy phone calls to her husband before she drove to the hospital ground. The 33-year-old mother was later discovered dead in the hallway of the ward where she had vanished.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Orlaith had attempted suicide on the previous three occasions in the week before her death. She dwelled with mental health problems and was at risk of postpartum psychosis.

Orlaith Quinn’s Husband Has Blamed The Hospital For His Wife’s Death

Ciaran Quinn, the grieving husband of Orlaith Quinn, has blamed the hospital for his wife’s death. He claims she would still be alive today if they had gotten her sooner. He had broken down in tears while talking about his wife in the recent interview.

Ciaran said: “I am confident that my wife will be alive today if she receives the adequate and required treatment that she deserves. So I have to confront his death every day.”

He further described his wife as a “Really Lovely Woman” and stated that she was the kindest and most caring mother to his child.

Quinn also told the study that during her previous mental health assessment, he had not received information concerning postpartum psychosis, which includes an elevated risk of suicide from the hospital.

Orlaith’s mother Shioban Graham, in addition to her husband, gave a harsh appraisal of her daughter’s care in the hospital. She stated that she expected the mental health team participating in her daughter’s evaluation to speak with her, but that this did not occur.

Besides Meave, Orlaith is also the mother of Conal, Aodhan, and Meabh.

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