Dorit Kemsley Robbery Story: Jewish Links Explored After Holocaust Apology For Post-Robbery
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Dorit Kemsley Robbery Story: Dorit Kemsley, who was born into a Jewish household, has joined the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

When Dorit became emotional and cried while discussing her house invasion in 2021, Sutton Strack reportedly apologized to her.

Dorit Kemsley Robbery Story: Jewish Links Explored After Holocaust Apology For Post-Robbery

Dorit Kemsley is a well-known American fashion designer who rose to prominence after appearing on Bravo’s reality show RHOBH Season 7 in 2016.

What happened to Dorit Kemsley? Dorit is back this year on RHOBH Season 12.

According to the Daily Mail, three armed robbers stole roughly one million dollars worth of jewels and other valuables. PK, Dorit’s husband, was in London at the time of the invasion.


Dorit Kemsley Robbery Story: Jewish Links Revealed After Holocaust Apology For Post-Robbery -Religion Explored


Since the RHOBH has finally premiered, fans wonder, what religion does Dorit Kemsley’s husband PK follow? Few sources dig into this matter, including Ontrendnews. 

We’ve got you covered. PK and Dorit have faith in the Jewish religion and practice Judaism, as per Screenrant. 

Following PK’s house robbery back in October 2021, Dorit was emotionally and mentally traumatized after the incident. It’s scary to imagine what she has gone through.

A Source stated three gunmen ransacked Dorit’s home and threatened to kill her. The news became the hot topic of the day. 

She was at gunpoint when the three armed male burglars robbed her house. She was begging to let go of her children and herself. 

Did you know? Dorit and her two kids were all alone when their house got robbed. She shared the house rob details on the RHOBH premiere and how the incident left her traumatized. 

Dorit Kemsley Husband Is Pk Kemsley: Are They Still Together?

Dorit Kemsley married Paul Kemsley years ago, and together they have two daughters. Her husband, Paul, is a successful businessman.

Born in Jewish family background, Dorit was born in Connecticut to an Israeli father, Shalom Lemel, and his wife, Rachel, based in Tangier, Morocco. 

Some less-known facts about Dorit speak Hebrew, including English, Italian, and Spanish.

While she was born in the US, Dorit’s wonderful accent was questioned since her first season on RHOBH, which she described to her background and extensive traveling.

How Rich Is Dorit Kemsley? Check Out Her Net Worth In 2022 

Celebrity Net Worth revealed Dorit Kemsley, aged 45, has a staggering net worth of $50 million in 2022. The mentioned income is a combined income with her partner Paul Kemsley. 

She never failed to impress her fans and customers with her mind-blowing fashion design skills. You can check out her stunning outfit on her official Ig page, where she usually flaunts her outfits.

Also, she is a reality TV star. Her appearance on RHOBH has garnered massive fan followers and fame. 

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