How Old Is DJ Diamond Kuts Age? Meet Yo! MTV Raps Host - Her Wikipedia And Age Details
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How Old Is DJ Diamond Kuts Age? Diamond Kuts has recently received a lot of media attention. Let’s dig deeper into the article and look into the details that are relevant to her.

When she began releasing mixtapes while still in college, the Philadelphia native established a name for herself. She became the first and only female DJ to ever have a place in the 8th-ranked national radio market as a direct result of her success.

Yo MTV Raps!, which premieres on May 24 for the first time exclusively on Paramount+, is a legendary hip-hop video and interview series. Conceited, a battle rapper, and DJ Diamond Kuts will be in charge of the series.

How Old Is DJ Diamond Kuts? Yo! MTV Raps Host Age

Diamond Kuts does not specify her age because she wants to spin music from all generations, and has been making strides in the male-dominated DJ arena for more than a decade.

How Old Is DJ Diamond Kuts Age
Diamond Kuts Plays Music From All Generations.

She has been doing this because she wants to play music from all generations. The self-described millennial is the first woman to work as a live DJ at a Philadelphia radio station. This means that she cuts, scratches, mixes, and blends recordings in real-time on air.

She got the position in the early aughts. She is the first woman to hold the position of DJ for a Philadelphia Eagles home game and is known lovingly across the city as “Barack Obama’s DJ” because she was the one who provided the music for all of former President Obama’s regional engagements from 2008 until 2016.

Who Is DJ Diamond Kuts?

Tina Dunham is otherwise known as, Diamond Kuts, was the first woman to host a mix show on a Philadelphia radio station. She began mixing when she was just a child and honed her skills in her basement and the parks of West Philadelphia.

DJ Diamond Kuts Has Honed Her Mixing Skills Since Child.
DJ Diamond Kuts Has Honed Her Mixing Skills Since Child.

Eventually, she began promoting herself through the use of mixtapes. Her father, Tony Dunham, is known as Grand Tone of Korner Boyz.

After gaining a foothold in the club scene, she began her DJ career by spinning records on Power 99 (WUSL) and establishing herself as a tour DJ, beginning with a string of engagements for Lil Mama.

Does DJ Diamond Have A Boyfriend?

Diamond Kuts is married and has a kid who is seven years old. She has been all over the world, but she insists that Philadelphia will always be her home.

She has yet not reveal the details about her husband. She tries to keep her details away from the spotlight.

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