Why Do Fans Think Anna Duggar Is Pregnant Again Or Is It Weight Gained? Confusion Explained
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Anna Duggar’s husband Joshua Duggar will serve 12 years in jail on child pornography allegations. 

At the close of a day-long hearing on Wednesday, US District Judge Timothy Brooks handed down the 151-month sentence at the Western District of Arkansas Federal Courthouse in Fayetteville.

Duggar, 34, was in detention since a federal jury convicted the 19 Kids and Counting star guilty of child p*rnography possession and receipt in December.

‘The photographs were some of the worst this court has ever seen,’ Judge Brooks told Duggar at Wednesday’s hearing. While, his wife Anna, 33, sat a few yards behind him in the public gallery.

Duggar used the desktop computer at his auto dealership to browse the dark web for hundreds of damaged videos and images, the court heard in December.

According to the Daily Mail, the assault and torture of a newborn were depicted in the film ‘Daisy’s Destruction.’ A girl was whipped with a cat o’ nine tails, tied up, and kept in a dog cage in another series of photographs.

‘I can’t get the picture of a dog kennel out of my thoughts.’ ‘The depiction of Daisy’s Destruction is awful, it’s nasty,’ said Judge Brooks during his sentence remarks.

The ‘sadistic’ nature of the assault, the ages of the children involved, and his inability to admit his guilt, he said Duggar, aggravated his crimes. He was also given a lengthier term for sexually abusing his own sisters as a teenager.

Duggar was sentenced only on the charge of receiving pornography.

After his release, he will be supervised for another 20 years and will not be permitted unsupervised contact with children, including his own, who vary in age from six months to twelve years.

He was also prevented from using the internet, prohibited from seeing adult content, and fined $50,100.

According to a recent study, Anna Duggar’s net worth is as little as $60,000, despite her extensive screen exposure. According to In Touch Weekly, the family is worth $3.5 million as a whole.

Jana is projected to be worth $400,000, while Jinger and Jeremy are valued at roughly $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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