Is Clyde Hedrick Still Alive

People are curious to know whether Clyde Hedrick is still alive.

“Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields,” the most recent true-crime series on Netflix, features Clyde Hedrick as a participant in the murders. Do you know where he is now?

Viewers enjoy true-crime stories, and shows like Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and The Watcher have won over fans worldwide. Among these true crime tales is one that Clyde Hedrick is connected to.

Tim Miller’s long-running search for closure over the 1986 discovery of his daughter Laura’s body led to the creation of The Texas Killing Fields.

Is Clyde Hedrick Still Alive?

Yes, Clyde Hedrick is still alive. Hedrick was granted parole in 2021 after serving less than half his 20-year sentence.

He is mentioned in the document as residing in a nearby halfway House, but little is known about his present situation or whereabouts. At the time of Hedrick’s release, Miller stated that none of them were giving up and that he thought they were just getting started.

Clyde Hedrick then and now
Clyde Hedrick then Vs. Now (Source: Twitter)

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Miller’s 2022 wrongful death claim against Hedrick was settled for $24 million. The district attorney for Galveston County, Jack Roady, told KPRC 2 this summer that Hedrick is still a suspect in these inquiries.

What Did Clyde Hedrick Do?

One of the alleged suspects in the murder of Laura Miller was Clyde Hedrick. According to the Netflix documentary, Hedrick had a lengthy criminal history, including accusations of trespassing, theft, marijuana possession, drunk driving, and sexual assault.

Clyde Hedrick is still alive
Clyde Hedrick is still alive (Source:

Clyde was found guilty of abuse in 1996. Hedrick was back behind bars in 2014 after being convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of Ellen Rae Simpson Beason, a 29-year-old woman, almost two decades earlier. In 1984, a woman named Ellen was discovered dead on a dirt road in Galveston County, Texas.

This was the only accusation they could make due to a lack of evidence (especially given the period) and the availability of only his account. After serving a year in prison and paying a fine, he was released. 

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The area became popular as the Texas Killing Fields after the discovery of the bodies of 4 young women between 1984 and 1991.

One of these young girls, named Laura Miller, was only 16 years old when she vanished in 1984 after being driven by her mother to a payphone so she could call her boyfriend. Two years after Laura’s body was discovered, a more than three-decade search for her killer began.

Where Is Clyde Hedrick Now?

Clyde Hedrick, now 68 years old, is no longer imprisoned as he was granted parole in 2021 after completing seven years of a 20-year sentence.

Although the document mentions that he lives in a close-by halfway House, little is known about his current whereabouts or circumstances.

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Tim Miller first became aware of Clyde Hedrick as a potential suspect in the death of Laura Miller when he was accused of “abuse of a corpse” in connection with the death of Ellen Beason. Despite having claimed to have committed numerous murders to “jailhouse informants,” a suspect named Clyde Hedrick was released on parole in 2021.

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