Is Danny Balis From The Ticket Leaving? Where is Corby & Bob Co-Producer Going?
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Is Danny Balis From The Ticket Leaving? Danny Balis has announced that he will be leaving The Ticket after 22 years. People are grieved by the departure of a key figure from their favorite radio station.

Let’s learn more about Danny’s choice to depart and the reactions to his surprise announcement.

Is Danny Balis From The Ticket Leaving? Where is Corby & Bob Co-Producer Going?

Danny has developed a sizable fan base among The Ticket listeners. Since he has been working for more than two decades, he has a wide range of followers who adore him for his talent.

The Ticket is one of Dallas’ oldest stations, with a strong concentration on sports news. The public has praised them for their unique and clear information. Danny was a very crucial part of their fame among the people.

Is Danny Balis From The Ticket Leaving?

An official statement has been released by The Ticket on their website about Danny’s departure from the station. It was reported that Balis has announced leaving the Ticket as the producer of the Hardline.

He spent 22 years of his life on The Ticket and has been part of many successful projects on the station. People loved the fact that he was genuine and had a real interest in the things he used to present in his shows.

In the official statement, it was written that he used to contribute to the station even when he was doing another job as a pizza delivery boy. At that time, he used to send faxes to the station.

One Twitter user wrote that he is sad about the news and feels like his childhood is about the end, which refers to the fact that he has been listening to Balis from a young age.

Where is Corby & Bob Co-Producer Going?

People are wondering about Corby and Bob after the news of Danny leaving; There are no updates regarding what they will be doing, whether they will stay in The Ticket or will go to other places.

To get updates about that people can follow Corby on Twitter, where he goes by the handle name Corby Davidson with more than 180,000 followers. He can be seen posting about the station often.

Even before the announcement of Danny leaving, he tweeted the tweet of the station about the big news coming ahead. There is no doubt that Danny together with Corby and Bob was a great team.

People have taken over the internet to express their gratitude for all these years; they are also very sad to see their favorite host leaving the station.

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