Is Lul Tys Dead Or Still Alive, Who Is He? Sacramento Rapper Killed In Deadly Shooting
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Is Lul Tys Dead Or Still Alive? Lul Tys, a Sacramento rapper, was slain in a careless shooting in the region. The death news is circulating on social media, but people are still attempting to figure out what happened.

Lul Tys, a rapper from North Vallejo, California, was an American rapper. He was best known as a member of the SOB X RBE collaborative, which rose to prominence in 2017 while on tour with Sage The Gemini.

Is Lul Tys Dead Or Still Alive, Who Is He? Sacramento Rapper Killed In Deadly Shooting

The best thing is that one of his most popular songs, “Anti,” has surpassed 10 million views and is still climbing.

Is Lul Tys Dead Or Still Alive, Who Is He? Sacramento Rapper Killed In Deadly Shooting

Social media is filled with tributes to the Sacramento rapper, Lul Tys after he got badly shot. He was pronounced dead on the spot and people are still figuring out what actually happened to him.

Twitteratis are in disbelief that their favorite artist is no more. One of the users writes rest in peace to the departed soul and he further adds that his heart hurt for a second. It is true that people who got so much talent have a very short life span as mentioned by the fan.

Another netizen tweets that he heard that they have Lul Tys but he genuinely hopes that the news is untrue. Unfortunately, it is not a rumor or gossip but news that is unadulterated.

There are times when celebrities’ death is just another prank played by jobless people on the Internet and many of his followers do hope that it is the same case with this talent. We all do hope it could be discarded but with a heavy heart, the news must be accepted.

A very few news sites have come up with the news and the happenings of the incident have not come out yet. Similarly, the suspect is yet to be identified by the police force.

Lul Tys Age And Wikipedia

Lul Tys’ age was 23 years old at the time of his death. The rapper was born on November 14, 1998, and his star sign according to his birth details is Scorpio. Just as his sign suggests, he was a true secretive person. He was fearful, bold, and creative but preferred loneliness.

Further, Tys was into basketball in his high school days but his true love was always music. Growing up he always knew what he wanted to do in life and it is not common that people to identify their passion at such an early age.

It is double sadness for the family because he had just lost his younger brother 5 years ago due to unfortunate circumstances. His near ones were still in that grief and the other rock comes up.

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