Is Samthing Soweto Sick? Health Update As Fans Relate Weight Loss To An Accident & More About His Parents
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Is Samthing Soweto Sick? Despite Samthing Soweto being sick with massive weight loss, fans of the South African singer are excited to witness him live at upcoming events.

The comment section on Instagram photos of Samthing Soweto has mixed reactions to African singer health and illness. Some predict he might have diabetes, and others accuse him of being on drugs. 
Is Samthing Soweto Sick? Health Update As Fans Relate Weight Loss To An Accident

However, there have been no official revels from the Soweto’s side on his significant weight loss in recent time. 


Is Akulaleki Singer Samthing Soweto Sick?

Danko Singer Samthing Soweto sickness and health have been a significant discussion on his Instagram profile. His recent post on touring photos on Instagram has received a lot of attention on his health. 

Furthermore, the Akulaleki singer and his management team are moving ahead for upcoming events that indicate Samthing is entirely healthy but lost some weight while away from the limelight. 

One of the comments read, “Samkelo, are you good, my brother? We’re here for you like your fans, and we love you….”

While another concerned fan said, “Stop spreading hate or saying something that can hurt him yall don’t know what his going through.”

Soweto became interested in a school chorus after getting released from a youth detention center and later returning to school.

Buhlebendalo Mda, who subsequently became a Cappella ensemble The Soil member, directed the chorus.

After seeing the choir perform, Mdolomba decided to join a group called [The Soil], which she described as “a group that performs music that we can afford to sing.”

Health Update: Is Samthing Soweto Weight Loss An Accident?

There is no doubt that Samthing Soweto has lost significant weight; however, whether that happened due to drugs or diabetes is hard to predict until the singer reveals some factual information.

Samthing used mandrax and got involved in crime as a youngster to get away from his problems at home.

He was later detained as a juvenile for armed robbery. Samthing stated he didn’t have a choice but to compose music to escape a life of crime and drug addiction in an interview with SowetanLIVE.

Soweto is the youngest of four children raised by his single mother. Mdolomba was sent to his grandmother in the Eastern Cape, but he was returned to Protea North due to poor conditions. 

He claimed in an interview with The Best T in Town, “my mother hoped that an EC upbringing would benefit me, but it didn’t. I lost weight, not because my grandmother wasn’t caring for me, but because I grieved every day… She returned after a year because it was too much for her.

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