Meet James Wong And His Wife Chan Wai-Man: Explore The Couple Relationship Timeline And Divorce Story
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James Wong And His Wife Chan Wai-Man – James Wong is a cantopop lyricist. Jim was a Hong Kong songwriter who married Chan Wai-Man and divorced her.

Since the 1960s, James has written the lyrics for over 2,000 songs, partnering with songwriter Joseph Koo on a number of iconic television theme tunes, many of which have become genre standards.

As a result of James’ work, Cantopop’s popularity increased. James worked in the Hong Kong entertainment sector as a creative director.

James Wong Wife Chan Wai-Man

Chan Wai-Man is best known as the ex-wife of James Wong, a well-known Cantopop lyricist. Chan is a private person who prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

Chan appeared to be a decent woman who enjoyed a simple life. Chan stands about 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs a normal weight for her height.

James also didn’t reveal much information about his ex-wife, preferring to keep it to himself to protect Chan’s privacy. Chan and James were fortunate to have three children.

Wong Yue-hon and Wong Yue-man were Chan and James’ sons. When Chan and James divorced, Hua Wa was pregnant with their only child, Ursule Wong.

James Wong and Chan Wai-Man Relationship Timeline And Divorce Story

In the year 1967, Chan Wai-Man and James Wong were married. Chan and James were excited to marry for a long time, but they later decided to divorce.

After nine years of marriage, Chan and James divorced in 1976. The reason for Chan and James’ divorce is still unknown.

Meet James Wong And His Wife Chan Wai-Man: Explore The Couple Relationship Timeline And Divorce Story
Singing is an excellent way to improve your speaking and language skills.

James’ second marriage lasted until his death to his long-time assistant, Winnie Chan, but she was never seen with him in public.

James once stated that his most important love was Eunice Lam, a writer whom he lived from 1976 to 1990 but did not marry. Eunice was also a radio host and the sister of Cantopop lyricist Richard Lam.

Eunice was one of Hong Kong’s first television weather forecasters. Eunice began writing in 1974 and became a prolific author in the 1980s.

James Wong Biography

James Wong was a Cantopop lyricist who was born on March 18, 1941. James was born in Panyu, China, which is now part of Guangzhou, and moved to Hong Kong with his family in 1949.

La Salle College was where Wong finished his secondary education. Wong graduated from the Chinese Department of the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Arts in 1963.

Singing opens the heart and heals the soul.
Singing opens the heart and heals the soul.

He received an MPhil degree in Cantonese opera from the University of Hong Kong in 1983. In May 2003, while battling lung cancer, Wong received a Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology at the University of Hong Kong.

His creative works became less popular in the 1990s, and many entertainment companies played fewer of his songs. Some of Wong’s TV shows were also unpopular. James returned to Hong Kong University to pursue a doctorate in Hong Kong popular culture.

James’ dissertation essay is now housed in the Hong Kong University library. James died on November 24, 2004, at the Union Hospital in Hong Kong, and his funeral was a low-key family affair, as per his wishes.

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