Jesse Mcadam Mississippi Accident Video On Twitter - Who Is Ashley Mcadams TikTok?
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Jesse Mcadam, a Mississippi man, might be the victim of the Mudbug Festival shooting. One person reportedly died in the festival, and five were injured in the incident carried out by two juveniles.

According to sources, investigators discovered two rifles and a pistol at the scene. Officials said investigators also seized a vehicle for evidence.

An officer was involved in the shooting, so the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is assisting in the investigation.

“We’ll figure out precisely what occurred. We’ll figure out who’s involved, and they should all be held accountable for this hazardous incident, “Jones explained.

The names of the injured victim and the dead have not been released by the authorities yet.

Saturday’s Mudbug shooting was at least the fifth at entertainment events in less than a year.

On Apr. 3, a concert in Dallas left one person dead and 11 others injured. Six people were shot at a show in Eugene, Oregon, on Jan. 15.

Just days after, a dozen people were shot at a concert in North Charleston, South Carolina.

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