Jordan Baker Mayo Clinic: Why Did He Commit Suicide? After Lawsuit Against Mayo Clinic Explained
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Jordan Baker Mayo Clinic: Why Did He Commit Suicide? Jordan Baker, a former Mayo Clinic radiology technician, was accused of s3xually assaulting two mentally ill patients. Learn more about the alleged mistreatment.

Jordan Baker worked as a lab worker at the Mayo Clinic, the country’s most prestigious medical center.

Jordan Baker Mayo Clinic: Why Did He Commit Suicide? After Lawsuit Against Mayo Clinic Explained
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Jordan was accused of wrongdoing by two different ladies in two different situations.

They alleged Baker, who was the Clinic’s radiography technician at the time, molested them while they were unconscious.

Baker was probed and quizzed by police officers in connection with both assault cases.

Baker committed suicide in January 2022 a few days after he was interrogated by the police.

The Mayo Clinic board has released an official statement regarding the two cases stating that they were unaware of the abuse case and had no intentional involvement in trying to subdue the reports put on by the victims.

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Who Is Jordan Baker Of Mayo Clinic?

Jordan Baker was a former staff at Mayo Clinic who was accused of s3xual assault by two patients.

Baker was assigned the radiology ab technician where he reportedly assaulted two incapacitated patients.

Baker committed suicide after he was investigated by the police back in January of 2022.

The victims have filed a lawsuit against the Mayo Clinic as well stating that they did nothing about the initial reports and complaints against their former employee and are thus liable for this heinous crime.

The case is being filed at Maricopa County Superior Court and Mayo Clinic is repeatedly denying its involvement in the case.

The first of the two victims(both identities kept secret) stated that the assault took place in June 2021 when she visited the hospital for her neurological disorder.

After she was sent to the Pheonix Campus for an X-Ray, she was s3xually assaulted by the radiologist.

She reported the incident to the working nurse but the report was not looked into properly and police were not involved or even called.

Jordan was allowed to resume his work at the lab, just three days later.

Mayo Clinic Lab Technician Jordan Baker Accused Of Assault

Details On Jordan Baker’s Suicide & Obituary

Jordan Baker committed suicide in January of 2022, a few days after he was first interrogated by the police for his involvement in the reported assaults.

The victims also claimed that the hospital should also be punished for not trying or doing anything to prevent the incidents from happening and for letting the lab technician resume his work here without any solid punishment actions.

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