Julian Ackert Testimony: Forensic Science Expert In Amber Heard Witness List Testimony On The Trial
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Let’s find out Julian Ackert Testimony On The Trial: MD of iDiscovery Solutions (iDS), has more than 20 years of experience in technical, litigation advising, and management.

Julian, a forensic science expert, has published an article explaining the differences between structured and unstructured data. He also discussed how database discovery can assist a legal team save time and money while achieving the best possible result for their client.

Julian Ackert Testimony

Databases, he claims, can have millions or even billions of entries. As a result, reviewing such a large amount of unstructured data appears to be a very expensive procedure.

Julian has extensive experience in forensic data collection, computer forensic analysis, and the development and implementation of preservation and collection systems.

Who Is Julian Ackert From IDiscovery Solutions? His Wikipedia Bio

Julian is the Chief Executive of IDiscovery Solutions, a Business Services firm with over 50 people, as mentioned in his bio.

The organization was founded in 2008, and the highest level of management is C-Level. He has a broad background in directing electronic data processing and review projects, analyzing complex transactional data systems, and establishing and developing techniques and best standards for litigation preparedness with big multi-national organizations.

On the forensic storage, acquisition, and analysis of electronic material, Ackert has published expert reports and testified. He has also worked on a number of international initiatives with complicated data privacy, gathering, and review issues.

The iDS chief is also a part of Working Groups 11 and 12 of The Sedona Conference (Trade Secrets). He was a Principal and New York regional head at LECG and a Director at FTI Consulting before entering iDS.

Julian Ackert Testimony As Amber Heard Witness Forensic Science Expert

As the Forensic Science Expert for the case, Julian was brought by Amber Heard’s team as their first counter-testimony. He is attempting to disprove Johnny Depp’s technology expert’s claim that Heard’s images of her wounds were modified.

Bryan Neumeister, Depp’s testimony, stated that he studied EXIF data, which stands for interchangeable image file, and discovered that some of the images looked to have been processed by Apple’s “Photos 3.0” software.

Ackert stated in his own witness that he had no cause to doubt the forensic legitimacy of the photographs he examined. Depp’s lawyer questioned if he could confirm that all of Heard’s images were genuine during cross-examination.

The science expert questioned Neumeister’s evidence about the Photos app, pointing out that as part of the synchronization process, Apple devices produce versions of images.

More About Julian Ackert Family

Julian Ackert was raised by his family in Virginia, The United States.

However, the American expert has not shared the identity and other details regarding his parents and other household members until now.

Besides, Ackert started his career at Accenture, where he designed, developed, and deployed Knowledge Management / Content Management systems, federal middleware solutions, and E-business apps for Federal Government activities.

Meanwhile, one can get more insight into the professional life of Julian Ackert through his LinkedIn profile.

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