Julius Jones Released Date: Arrested For The Murder Of Paul Howell - Was He Innocent? Oklahoma Death Row Story
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Julius Jones Released Date: People are asking if Julius Jones, an Oklahoma prisoner and former death row convict, has been released.

Due to suspicions of innocence and controversy surrounding his trial and conviction, Julius Jones’ story has piqued international interest.

Julius Jones Released Date: Arrested For The Murder Of Paul Howell - Was He Innocent? Oklahoma Death Row Story

Julius and his defense team maintain his innocence, alleging that he was at home when the murder occurred and that Christopher Jordan’s co-defendant is the true criminal.

Oklahoma Death Row: What Is Julius Jones Released Date?

On November 18, 2021, Governor Stitt reduced Julius Jones’ sentence to life in prison without the possibility of release, just four hours before his scheduled execution.

Governor ruled that Julius be ineligible for any subsequent commutation or pardon for the remainder of his life as a condition of mercy. Before Julius, only four death row convicts had been granted mercy by an Oklahoma governor: three by Brad Henry and one by Frank Keating.

Following the ruling, Julius’ family praised Governor Stitt for sparing Julius’ life but stated that they would continue to campaign for his release.

Julius’ mother, Madeline Davis-Jones, hailed God and Governor Stitt in a statement, stating that every day Julius is imprisoned is an injustice and that she would never stop speaking up for him or campaigning for his release. But today is a nice day, and she thanks Governor Stitt for that.

Kim Kardashian also thanked Governor Stitt for reducing her sentence in tweets. Julius’ attorneys praised Governor Stitt for commuting the sentence. Still, they stated that they would have liked him to follow the board’s recommendation that Julius serves life in prison with the chance of release.

Julius Jones Stroy & Jail Sentence -Arrested For The Murder Of Paul Howell

On July 28, 1999, businessman Paul Scott Howell was shot to death while seated in the driver’s seat of his GMC Suburban. Witnesses saw a black man with a red bandana and 1–2 inches of hair visible between his ear and stocking cap shoot Howell at the time.

Julius Jones was sporting a shaven head at the time. In Julius’ family home, police discovered the murder weapon wrapped in a red bandana. Julius and Christopher were eventually apprehended and charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to conduct a felony

In 2002, Julius was found guilty and condemned to death. Christopher was freed from jail in 2014 after spending fifteen years driving the getaway car in Howell’s murder.

Christopher allegedly told at least three other people that he shot Howell and framed Julius. Julius’ public defender at the time, David McKenzie, subsequently admitted in a 2008 statement that he provided poor representation and highlighted five main flaws in Julius’ trial.

A DNA test confirmed Julius’ DNA on the red bandana discovered wrapped around the murder weapon at his family’s house in 2017. According to Julius’ public defender, the test only matched 7 of 21 genetic markers and was not up to law enforcement standards.

Where Is Julius Jones Now?

Julius Jones is now serving his sentence in prison. Julius appeared in the inaugural season of The Last Defense, an American documentary series that investigates and exposes problems in the American judicial system, in 2018.

The Julius episodes centered on information that attorneys neglected to submit in court concerning Julius’ co-defendant Christopher Jordan. Julius’ tale was also mentioned in a Kardashian podcast episode in 2020 and a James Corden episode of The Late Late Show in 2021.

Julius appeared in an episode of 20/20 titled The Last Defense: Julius Jones – A Special Edition of 20/20 on July 15, 2020.

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