Lacey Wildd Plastic Surgery Before And After, Where Is She Now?
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Lacey Wildd Plastic Surgery Before And After – Lacey Wildd, an American TV personality, now appears to be living out her plastic surgery ambitions with bigger cups than ever.

Lacey Wildd Plastic Surgery Before And After, Where Is She Now?

Lacey Wildd is a former model and occasional actress most known for her numerous breast augmentations and implants, which have resulted in gigantic breasts. She has been on a number of television programmes, including MTV’s “True Life” documentary series.

Lacey has been cast in small roles in films because of her size, the first of which was in the indie film ‘Dr. Ice.’ She went on to star in films like “Blonde Squad” and “Beauty and the Beholder,” mostly in B pictures and receiving little critical praise.

Lacey Wildd has a weird obsession with cosmetic surgery. She’s currently the closest thing we have to a real-life human Barbie, due to her extensive bodily changes and multiple plastic surgeries. 


Lacey Wildd Plastic Surgery Before and After Botched

TV personality Lacey Wildd was inspired by Barbie’s cartoon figure to have the most extreme body. Lacey aspired to have the most extreme body in the world and to walk around like a walking cartoon character. She went on to say that her fascination began when her siblings made fun of her flat breasts.

Her obsession with the biggest bust and severe alteration is difficult to control. She’s had 36 plastic procedures, including twelve breast augmentations, liposuction, a nose job, chin surgery, and a lot more work to support the extreme ones.

It’s insane to live life on the edge, but she’s looking forward to the rush and sensation she receives after each cosmetic procedure. She could hardly function after 36 plastic surgeries and rigorous diets, but she’s ready for more. She anticipates the thrill of changing her appearance with each plastic surgery.

Where Is Lacey Wildd Now? 

Lacey Wildd recently revealed that plastic surgery isn’t always as gorgeous as it appears. Before going to the surgeons, she advised her Instagram fans to read the review and listen to other girls.

Interestingly, Lacey has a net worth of over $100,000 because of her modeling and television work. 

Lacey Wildd Botched Story

Lacey Wildd has undergone 36 plastic surgery procedures to achieve her goal of looking like an adult Barbie. Her buttocks have been enlarged, her eyes have been widened, her nose has been thinned, and she has had a slew of other procedures.

Before she took the plunge to enhance her breasts, she was an A-cup. Following her mid-2014 goals, which included prepping for surgery to upgrade to a QQQ cup, it took 12 operations to bring them to the size they are now.

She has kept the name of the surgeon who conducted the surgery secret to avoid harassment. She stated that she would be completing the procedure in Brazil, a country known for medical tourism.

Furthermore, Wildd can only sleep if she lies at a thirty-degree angle, or else she will feel suffocated. Her breasts now weigh 42 pounds combined, and she had pig skin sewn into her abdomen to support the augmentations.

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