Lindsay Lohan Weight Loss Journey: Reasons With Her Before And After Photos - More About Her Age & Net Worth
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Lindsay Lohan Weight Loss Journey: Many young admirers have had a long-standing crush on Lindsay Lohan. Her dramatic weight reduction alarmed her supporters, who were concerned about her health.

Lindsay Lohan is an actress, singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and former model from Los Angeles, California. Lohan began her acting career at the age of three, when she was hired to Ford Models.

Lindsay Lohan Weight Loss Journey: Reasons With Her Before And After Photos

As the actress began to lose weight, several accusations regarding Lohan’s connection with drug usage began to circulate. Lindsay Lohan was also hospitalized in 2005 owing to a kidney ailment, which led to her dramatic weight loss and drastically altered her appearance.


Why did Lindsay Lohan lose weight? Journey Explained


In an interview with Vanity Fair, Lindsay Lohan revealed the truth about her weight loss and what caused it.

Lohan admitted that she was suffering from an eating disorder, bulimia, affecting her diet and taking a toll on her body weight. The actress has also owned up and confessed her addiction to alcohol and sometimes even cocaine. 

She was admitted to the hospital in 2005 due to a kidney infection that caused her to lose 15 pounds more. She couldn’t eat because of her suffering disorder and was put on an IV.

Her overall health conditions and substance addiction severely impacted her physical appearance. 

In the February 2006 issue of the Vanity Fair, Lindsay Lohan has said, “I was sick, everyone was scared. And I was scared too. I had people sit me down and say, ‘You’re going to die if you don’t take care of yourself.’”

Lindsay Lohan Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Like everybody around her, Lindsay Lohan was also concerned about her deteriorating health. She was worried about her weight loss, and she knew she had to take care of herself.

Lindsay attended various Anonymous Alcoholic Meetings. “You have to learn for yourself and hit rock bottom sometimes to get yourself back up to the top,” Lohan said. 

She has been following a proper diet plan and has recovered some of the weight she lost while sick. The actress is regaining her weight and confidence and is actively sharing photos of herself on social media. 

What Happened to Lindsay Lohan?


While Lindsay Lohan was confronted with questions about drug abuse being the cause of her weight loss, she said that it was an experiment for attention to see if her friends were her friends. 

In an interview with Oprah in 2014, she openly admitted that alcohol was an escape mechanism for her, and she also uses cocaine occasionally. 

She has been in and out of rehab multiple times from 2007 to 2014. 2007 was the year she hit rock bottom, where she was also arrested on multiple charges, including driving under the influence and possession of cocaine.

In 2019, she weighed about 112 lbs at a height of 5.48 inches. 

Lindsay Lohan is in much better shape both physically and mentally and has been able to turn her life around and pick herself up from her mess. 


What’s Lindsay Lohan’s Net worth Currently Standing At?


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lindsay Lohan’s net worth is currently at $1.5 million (Dhs5 million). We’re also yet to stream her Netflix rom-com, which marks her return since the 2019 film Among the Shadows. No doubt in our mind that this one too is going to be a hit and we can’t wait to see her net worth.


Lindsay Lohan Age and Birthday

Lindsay Dee Lohan was born on July 2, 1986, in The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States of America. She celebrates her birthday on July 2nd every year.  Lindsay will be 34 years old on July 2nd, 2020.


Lindsay Lohan Height and Weight

Lohan is a woman of average stature. She stands at a height of 1.65 m. She also weighs 52 kg. Her body measurement is 36-24-35

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