Luis Mejia Hernandez Stabbed To Death: Alexandria City High School Student Stabbed To Death In Off-Campus Fight
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Let’s find out how Luis Mejia Hernandez Stabbed To Death: Luis Mejia Hernandez, an Alexandria City High School student, was stabbed to death in a Bradlee Shopping Center altercation on Tuesday.

The unfortunate tragedy occurred the other day, on Tuesday, May 25th, 2022, when a teenager named Luis Mejia Hernandez died after a fight.

Police were called to the Bradlee Shopping Center dispute approximately 12:26 p.m., according to the police. After being stabbed, the teenager was badly injured.

Luis Mejia Hernandez Stabbed To Death

Luis Mejia Hernandez was stabbed to death during a fight on Tuesday that reportedly involved 30 to 50 people. He was taken to the nearby hospital yet succumbed to his injuries.

The fight broke out around midday, reportedly outside a McDonald’s at the Bradlee Shopping Center, in the 3600 block of King Street, stated the Police.

Peter Balas, Alexandria City High School principal, wrote in a letter to the school community: ‘I am saddened to share with you the news of the passing of one of our Titan seniors from the Class of 2022.’

Fight Scene where Luis Meija Hernandez was stabbed
Fight Scene where Luis Meija Hernandez was stabbed

The dozens of high school students abruptly dispersed when the Police arrived at the scene, stated David Davis, who witnessed the fight outside one of the shops.

Luis’s family was notified after the incident. Meanwhile, Alexandria police are investigating what broke out in the fight, which involved 30 to 50 students leading to the death of one.

Alexandria City High School’s nearby campuses were placed in “secure the building” status yesterday afternoon. The after-school activities were canceled, and students were escorted in small groups to the exits.

The school was informed of having a virtual learning day for students today by Peter Balas, the Principal, while they take space and time to grieve and process the loss.

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Who Is Alexandria City High School Student Luis Mejia Hernandez?

Alexandria City Public Schools identified the deceased teenager on Tuesday evening as Luis Mejia Hernandez, a senior student at Alexandria City High School.

Justin Wilson, the mayor, acknowledged the tragic death of the Alexandria student Luis Mejia Hernandez reportedly during Tuesday evening’s Alexandria City Council meeting.

His obituary, funeral arrangement, and visitation have yet to be released by the family. Meanwhile, our prayers are with the family and loved ones of the senior high school student.

The footage of the fight that broke out on Tuesday has circulated on social platforms, including Facebook. The video of a massive fight shows students running after each other and throwing punches.

Luis Mejia Hernandez Age

Speaking of Luis Mejia Hernandez’s age, the Alexandria City High School senior student was 18 years old when he was fatally stabbed during a fight the other day.

The 18-year-old teenager lost his life in such a tragic incident. The Police authorities are rigorously looking into the tragic incident presently and the circumstances of the fight.

Get To Know About Luis Mejia Hernandez Family

Luis Mejia Hernandez didn’t go home to his family the other day, which is one of the most heartbreaking things for any family. He succumbed to the fatal stabbing injuries.

Luis Mejia Hernandez Stabbed To Death
Police at the Bradlee Shopping Center where a Luis was stabbed

In the concrete, not only the 18-year-old but 13 more kids in Texas didn’t go home to their parents on Tuesday, according to the mayor Justin Wilson.

Words can’t suffice what his loved ones must be going through. Thus far, none of his family members has spoken about his death on the media and social stage.

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