Mandy Moore thinks her This Is Us character is a great parenting role model
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Mandy Moore gets parenting inspiration from her ‘This Is Us’ alter ego.

Mandy Moore thinks her This Is Us character is a great parenting role model

Mandy Moore thinks her This Is Us character is a great parenting role model

The 38-year-old singer-and-actress – who has 14-month-old Gus with husband Taylor Goldsmith – has portrayed matriarch Rebecca Pearson in six seasons of the drama and she hailed her alter ego as the “ultimate guide” when it comes to raising her family.

She said: “I’ve been so lucky to have the ultimate guide with Rebecca. She’s human and fallible, but her family and being a mother are always her top priority.”

The show is due to end later this month so Mandy was thankful to have her new album ‘In Real Life’ to give her something else to focus on.

She told People magazine: “I feel grateful that I have the emotional catharsis of the record coming out and being able to go out on the road and process everything. I’m definitely feeling all of the things!”

Despite his young age, Gus is already showing signs of following in his parents’ musical footsteps.

Mandy said: “He has no choice. He loves it when Dad plays the guitar and when Mom and Dad sing to him. But the gibberish songs I sing to him while I’m changing his diaper, those will live in our house only!

“We’re just having so much fun. He’s walking now, he’s talking. He gives kisses, and he’s like a little parrot. He loves the moon and every day he wakes up and says, ‘Moon go away?’ It’s just the best.”

Mandy worked on with her album with her husband and members of his band Dawes, and chronicled their attempts trying to conceive amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Of the track ‘Every Light’, she said: “It’s the last song on the record and it was really about us grappling with what was happening in the world and also grappling with the fact that we wanted to start a family and it wasn’t happening. When that monthly reminder would show up, I would be devastated.

“It was this ode to the future child of ours, we’re here, we’re waiting for you whenever you’re ready. It’s the most personal song but it also started the journey of us making this record.”

Post source: Female First

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