Meet Jesse Williams
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Meet Jesse Williams’ New Girlfriend – Ciarra Pardo, a well-known fashion influencer and close friend of Rihanna, is Jesse Williams’ girlfriend in 2022.

Jesse Williams, 40, is an American actor who starred in Broadway’s Take It Out as a gay role, prompting numerous tweets concerning his s3xuality.

Meet Jesse Williams' New Girlfriend: Who Is Ciarra Pardo?

Despite the fact that the rumors and messages were eventually debunked on Twitter, there are still various theories about his s3xuality in the wake of his spectacular performance in the series.

Similarly, his unexpected internet chatter may have piqued people’s interest in his personal life. It’s possible that’s why his present connection with Ciarra Pardo has piqued people’s interest.

Meet Jesse Williams’ New Girlfriend In 2022: Who Is Ciarra Pardo?

Jesse Williams has reportedly broken up with his long-term girlfriend Taylour Paige and is now dating new girl Ciarra Pardo in 2022.

Ciarra Pardo is the CEO of Mi Oj and has worked with Jay-Z, Eminem, The Killers, Usher, and other celebrities. 

Furthermore, Pardo is a longtime friend of Rihanna and has served as Chief Creative Officer for her Fenty Beauty Crop. 

Moreover, she was also a representative director for HSI Productions and the executive producer of LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES.

Jesse kept the details of his relationship with Pardo a secret and cherished their privacy until the court filings from his child custody struggle became public. 

Similarly, he had a romantic relationship with American actress Taylour Paige before dating Ciarra; they were together for about two years until splitting in early 2021.

Jesse Williams Ex-Wife Taylour Paige- His Dating Timeline

Jesse Williams revealed the first time he saw Taylour Paige in September 2018 during his own Emmys party in a joint interview with GQ. 

In addition, his relationship with Paige exemplified the adage “opposites attract,” as the actor said their personalities couldn’t be more unlike. 

According to Radar, Jesse and Paige called it quits after three years of dating in early 2021.

Jesse was married to Aryan Drake-Lee on September 1, 2012, before his romance with Paige. In 2017, they filed for divorce.

Ciarra Pardo’s Age Difference With Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams is 40 years old, having been born on August 5, 1981. Ciarra Pardo, on the other hand, is already 43, born on March 20, 1979. 

The pair is three years apart in age, with Jesse being three years younger than Pardo. Regardless of their age, the couple appears to be happy with one other and have a healthy relationship. 

Despite their age differences, the couples have carved out a niche for themselves in their various industries and are well on their way to success.

Ciarra Pardo’s Net Worth Is More Than $2 Million – How Rich Is She?

Ciarra Pardo’s net worth is predicted to exceed $2 million by 2022. However, other sites estimate her net worth to be between $2 million and $5 million. 

Jessie Williams, her most recent partner, has a net worth of $12 million, according to celebrity net worth. 

The couple’s total net worth is in the millions, and they appear to live a luxury lifestyle.

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